4 questions that every design student is fed up of answering


Designing is yet not a very known degree in India. All the design students have to face a plenty of questions and they usually have to face blank faces when they tell people about their studies, work and job. The people around are yet not familiar with the job prospects of designing. Here is the list of questions that every design student is fed up of answering :

1. Do you like make paintings and artworks whole day?

Designing does not make you an artist. You are more like a concept maker and creative thinker. Every designer need not be a painter. An artist, a painter and a designer are not the same. People need to know that designers do not make paintings the whole day. Yes, some of them doodle things and roam around with their dairies which is a part of their work.

2. Is this a proper degree?

People usually do not believe that there are degrees like accessory design, graphic design etc. They have literally no idea about such things. It is disheartening for any design student to be questioned about the validity of their degree. I’d say even if you don’t know about the degree, you must have the courtesy to respect the person’s course or degree and Google the validity later. And i do not think that there is a list falls in the category of a “proper degree”. A degree is a degree that qualifies you for your job be it designing or engineering.

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3. Do you people even study?

People usually think that there is not much to learn in the field of design. But as a matter of fact a design student works five times more than any other person pursuing any course. Design students might not have to read a lot of books but they need to find out their way without books. Designing is not about cramming, you just can’t do it. Nothing is wrong and nothing is absolutely right. Its more about perception. Common people who are not from design background cannot think like that or even understand the previous line. Design students do not read and learn, they usually experience, experiment and learn. I do not deny the fact that the students from other study backgrounds have to study a lot but i’d say reading and learning is easier than challenging the existing things and designing a whole new thing. what do you say?

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4. Do you think there is scope in this?

When you tell people that you are pursuing a design degree, they look at you with like, Oh! so you did not want to study. :/ Most of the people especially in India think that there is no scope for designing because they really don’t have the idea of how things work in this stream.