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4 Popular Thoughts One Encounters While Choosing a Career Path


Life is quite easy and smooth-going while in school, in regard to the fact that you don’t need to think rigorously about your future. You just have to keep moving from one class to another after a gap of one year with a proper focus on academics and co-curricular activities. But after few such years comes a stage when you are required to pick one of the many career path’s that appear before you. Till now, you had only one path that would take you to the next class in the school but now when the school life is ending, plenty of options are available and then comes the confusion and tension of deciding which one to opt for. And during the decision process, several thoughts creep in.

Four common thoughts we encounter while choosing a career path :

1. How much money will I be able to make?

Money is one of the most important factors while choosing a career path. It is something upon which your entire life is dependent. Whatever material benefits and other necessities and luxuries you crave for can be achieved only if your wallets are heavy. That’s why you care to choose a career that will help you earn more. People usually ignore their passion and capabilities and thereby land up in a profession where they aren’t able to achieve greater heights. But nobody is willing to ignore the money factor.


2. How much fame will I get?

Most of us think about this factor also before finalizing our career path. People wish for a profession where the world will know their name. They enter into the field of sports or acting or politics etc., though most are even contended with the fame they would get in engineering or MBBS. For most of the students, the craze for fame is visible right when they start preparing for getting admission into the premiere institutes of the country and abroad even when their interest lies in a field not covered by these institutes. For example, there are many students who prepare for admission into IITs although they have no serious interest or desire to pursue engineering. For them, the only driving factors are money and fame. Today, we can see the youth craving to play for the Indian Cricket team, but only a few of them have the passion. The majority see the fame our cricketers enjoy, and also the money they make.

3. Will I get a good life partner?

This is not funny at all. A good proportion of people does have this thought in mind while deciding on their career. Some of us feel that a public sector job will not be good enough to get a pretty life partner. Whereas, some strongly believe that a profession with little money and fame is not at all their cup of tea because their life partner has to be someone top notch. But at the same time, there are people who do face this thought but are determined enough to follow their dreams even if they have to spend their entire life being a bachelor in that profession.

4. How is the work type going to be?

Well, to most of us, this question arises pretty late. The factors mentioned above hold so much importance in our decision process that we just don’t care about the type of work we’ll be doing in the field we are stepping in. For instance, inspired by movies and money making, some of us dream to become investment bankers. The job is quite demanding and suited only to those who can cope up with the high-pressure work environment. Still, there are people who choose this field and later realize their mistake. On the other hand, there are people who opt for professions which require only a little effort. They want their life to be easy and hence weigh this factor the most instead of money or fame.



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