People from every part of the world love watching TV.There are shows for every other generation.There are cartoons for kids,news for adults and other shows for the teenagers.Most of the teenagers prefer watching shows like Game of Thrones,Breaking Bad,The Mentalist,Arrow etc.These are the most trending shows across the globe.Even the Indian teenagers prefer these TV series over the Indian TV serials.The Indian TV channels show countless TV serials but,no one is interested to watch them except most of the Indian ladies.The obvious reason why the Indian teenagers prefer foreign TV series over the Indian serials is the idiotic plot of these shows.There is nothing new in the plot of the Indian TV shows.There are a few things in every Indian show that seems quite irritating and idiotic to the viewers but,the producers always keep showing those senseless things.Here are 4 such idiotic and irritating things that every other Hindi TV serial shows and the viewers are fed up of them:-

1.Once a relative visits you,he stays with you forever

In the normal world,usually a relative visits us for few hours.If the relatives are close ones and they plan to stay with us,they stay with us for 2 to 3 days or for a week at maximum.But,in the Hindi TV serials’ world,when a relative visits the protagonist’s family,he stays with them forever.These relatives forget the fact that they are having their own house and family to look after.They just become a part of the protagonist’s family.Such relatives are even interested in having a share in the property of the protagonist.Once these relatives have stayed with them for a few years,they even call their children to the protagonist house.Even the protagonist’s family is not fed up of such irritating relatives.These relatives are also involved in the politics of the family.This is one of the most irritating thing showed in the Hindi TV series and hence are hated by the Indians.

2.There is at least one person in the family who is immortal


Every Hindi TV series has at least one person in the family who is immortal.Usually this immortal character is the grandmother of the protagonist.When the serial begins,this lady starts as an old woman who is probably in her 70s.When the serial takes a time leap and the protagonist becomes a young guy in his 20s,this immortal lady still looks the same she used to look when the protagonist was a kid.Again,when the serial takes a time leap and her grandson i.e. the protagonist becomes a father of a child,this immortal lady still looks the same.After another time leap,when the protagonist’s son is in his 20s,this immortal lady stills look the same she used to look thousands of years ago.

3.Plastic surgery changes the entire look as well as the shape of the face

The biggest misconception that the producers of Hindi TV serials have is that plastic surgery changes the entire look of the person.The producers have found a technology that was not even found by the modern medical sciences.According to the modern medical sciences,plastic surgery only repairs the spoiled skin.But,according to the producers of Hindi TV series,plastic surgery not only repairs the spoiled part of the skin,but it also changes the complete look of the patient in such a way that even he is himself unable to identify him.This new plastic surgery invented by the producers also changes the shape and proportion of the face.In some cases,this plastic surgery even changes the character’s height and voice.This is known as complete stupidity.

4.The protagonist can marry as many times he wishes to,without even getting divorce from the previous partner
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According to the Indian laws,a person can’t marry again if he has not taken divorce from the previous partner.But,the producers of the Hindi TV series have the audacity to violate this law.According to them,the protagonist can marry infinite times without taking divorce.The producers don’t even give a second thought to this and they give the protagonist the opportunity to marry again and again.On an average the protagonist of each show marries at least thrice in the entire show.Although,the protagonist has married so many times,in the end,he again marries his first partner.Hence,the producers of the Hindi TV shows prove that true love never dies.This the most idiotic thing one can even think of doing.