4 highly over-rated slang words that people should stop using


This is the internet era. We live in a world where, instead of reading a newspaper, we browse through our social networking feed to keep ourselves updated. However, one would find less of news and more of those things that the world finds cool on social media. Most of the teenagers these days want to look cool and trendy. They pick up on words that they find attractive without even looking for their proper meanings. Some of these words are so annoying that one feels like hitting the person using it, with a dictionary, in the face. Some of the people who use slang words very often can get on one’s nerves.

Here is a list of some popular slang words that are so annoying that they even make English language think of committing suicide:


Image source: http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/who-needs-brain-cells-when-you-have-swag.jpg

“Banno, tera swagger laage sexy!”

How can a bride’s swagger look sexy?

What is this swagger? Why do people even use it?

This word is so irritating that the mere thought of using it can give a person headache.

Swag was first used in the 60s. It meant ‘Secretly We Are Gay’.

Nobody knows how did this trend start again. People have taken it to such an extent that now everything they say or use has ‘swag’ written all over it.

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First, we had beggars who begged for money. Now, we have swagsters who beg for attention.

People, it’s high time that you learn that using ‘swag’ in everything is NOT cool.

To put it in a way that you understand: you would lose all your swag if you use it that often.


2. BAE

Image source: http://www.mememaker.net/static/images/memes/3672562.jpg

This is probably the most hated and the most loved (simultaneously) slang word today. It is an acronym for ‘before anyone else’.

What most people do not know is that it is also the Danish word for ‘poop’.

Pretty ironic, right?

It is so irritating that one would prefer being single rather than being called someone’s “bae”.

Some people think of it as another word for “babe”. (Seriously, babe wasn’t enough ?)

“Abey, chal bae.”

Bae fits better in this context rather than in, “You’re my bae”.

The popularity of this word has increased so much (thanks to Pharell Williams and Miley Cyrus) that it makes one want to rip his/her ears off ‘before everything else’.


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Image source: http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/e9/e9291b1aced1da2a41da8026f55f91241b5a0f0539f241f2b7442a0bbbcfeb4d.jpg

“This is so dope.”

Dope has a range of meanings. It is used to describe something as good and it also means a stupid person. This world is full of irony. isn’t it?

People who do drugs refer to heroin or marijuana as “dope”.

It is plain stupid.

One “dope” rapper (if you know what I mean) Honey Singh, used this word in one of his songs and made this ugly word so popular.

Today, being high is the new trend. This word was coined by stone-rs who thought of everything that was good, synonymous to dope.

Kids these days smoke pot like it’s candy.

They don’t understand how lethal it can be.

People think it makes them look cool but reality makes them look like fools.



Image source: http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/db/dba6d2dc099df033f0ed244657bf4c1a703b055ebdbc6a6e26f7169273dcb0e2.jpg


“You Only Live Once” – such a positive word!

However, its over usage has made it everything but positive. This word was coined so that people know the true value of moments and life. It was made to teach people to enjoy life before one dies.

These days, it is used as an excuse to hide one’s stupidity.

“I washed my own clothes because, YOLO.”


“I clicked a selfie because, YOLO.”

YOLO has become synonymous to “KMW” (Kill Me Now, yes, that’s another irritating slang).

The credits for this word’s popularity goes to the singer, Drake.

Everything a person does today is because YOLO!

If you think that you live once then you should also appreciate YODO (you only die once). But if you keep using YOLO in everything, you would die more than once. (People would kill you with their words)

You do not live once. You should live in every moment of your life. You should know how to enjoy your life every day. You should know that YOLO is a false mantra.


*If you do not use any of these words then you, my friend, are doing it right. You’re among the best people alive.

*The author means no offense to anyone.