Now a days, Whatever people take up the courses either in the commerce or the science stream, They always will have the dream of opening an enterprise in their sectorMay be like-Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals,The construction company,etc… In short everyone dreams of “Being an Entrepreneur”. In today’s generation no one dreams of getting a a big post in the big company neither one dreams of being commanded by others.So here are the four topics discussed in breif for the best branding ways for your Enterprise/Organisation.
1) THE STORY: This is one of the major ingredient which takes your venture to a new height of success. Advertisement today plays a bigger role of you being a good entrepreneur or having a good enterprise, What you advertise and how you do is the main concern, If advertisement would contain something that people can relate it to-may be something nostalgic/simple, It might also co-exists targeting the lives of the target audience. For example- ad campaign by Fortune Foods was a wonderful example of touching hearts with a story.

2) CONTENT MARKETING- This is the another challenge which needs to be looked for any business enterprise which tells to market its products. I think that consumers now pay less attention to the direct advertisement on televisions, newspapers, radio. Etc. They are more comfortable to have the content on social media, because majority of their leisure time is used on social media.
Brands need to connect with journalists to have their story covered. The story could be an article on their products of the season and might also feature the customer’s needs,
3) BRAND ASSOCIATION – Through advertisements company touches the hearts of audience, it gives them the experience of an altogether of different situation, such all this and company wonders why isn’t it successful yet? It’s simple as that the company has to take the modern platform to advertise and also sell or offer products through another e-commerce website or through building one of your own e-commerce site example, XIAOMI, a Chinese smartphone which successfully implemented in India .earlier, there was lack of trust factor in India online so, they started selling their products on flipkart in which people believed in its policies. Through all this they regained the trust of customers and also full filled their requirement in the best possible way.
5) OUTREACH- This is about bringing some personalities or celebrities to say good about your product. It’s about creating a brand ambassador for your brand so that consumer trust your product and buy it. Bring in someone who has may be the largest fan following in the country so that u can advertise your product with their profile and goodwill.
Create Orientations, Organize workshops, put up billboards in the crowded places, sponsor events and also the most important being socially responsible, Inhale the social responsibly and you get the results your company and you want it(Personally).



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