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4 best concealer for dry skin


1. Maybelline instant age rewind eraser

Maybelline instant age rewind eraser is America’s #one concealer. It hides your dark spots, shapes your skin and gives you a radiant look to rock the party floor and also for everyday use. It is an anti ageing treatment that comes in 18 shades to match your skin colour. It comes with a cushiony tip to blend it evenly on your skin. It instantly erases the appearance of dark circles and fine lines the under-eye finish gives you the less puffy look. The super concentrated treatment concealer features of a micro corrector applicator to help instantly it is dark circles and fine lines from your skin.

2. Urban decay naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer

Hide your most scandalous floors with urban decay naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer. it’s hi-tech formula melts like a second skin to give you full coverage in an instant of time. It makes skin flawless and soft no matter what the condition of the skin is. It’s ultra-lightweight gives you just the right finish, let it be a day out with friends or a family function. It gives a high coverage and doesn’t form creases or settles in lines. It gives you full coverage with the luminous finish.

3. Bareminerals bare Pro 16 hour full coverage concealer

Bare minerals hair Pro 16 hour full coverage concealer is a ultra cream stick that glides with zero drag on your skin and leaves no fine lines and cracks. It comes with crease proof humidity resistant and waterproof formula to hide your facial blunders.
It is formulated with bamboo stem extract to smooth the look of force and fine lines and powerful antioxidant rich Raspberry seed oil blackcurrant seed oil and sea levender Naresh hydrate to help the defend skin problems

4. Bareminerals creamy correcting concealer

This medium to full coverage concealer hide your skin infections all day long. It diminishes the appearance of dark spots an
d dark circles and any other patch of the skin. all you have to do is to gently pad some of the product on the under eye and other wanted parts that you want to correct. This ultra clean cream formula gives you the radiant finish that you have been longing for. This is one of the best product for dry skin as its creamy texture keeps you moisturized all day long. This product acts as a miracle for the ones with dry skin.



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