3 Things for a better internship


1. Know your talent : Identify your strengths and weakness. As wise saying ” THE RIGHT TIME TO START A GOOD THING IS RIGHT NOW “. Yes, focus on your career, when you are in college. Internship is the best way to shape your career.
1(a) List out your hobbies : Take a paper and write down your hobbies and areas of your interest. These may or may not be related to your core subjects.

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Good hobbies can fetch you a internship.

It is at this point, your hobbies will come into the picture. Refresh your brain and recollect your school days when you used to write stories, draw pictures, sing songs.

Your habit of reading may help you in content writing. Make sure that you choose work of your interest. Here are some areas for internship

Content writing


Graphic design

Engineering fields like website development, app development, electronic toys, mini projects

Singing and dancing

Selecting internship related to your core can add up additional qualification. Adds more score to your resume.

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1(b) Awake your creativity and sharpen your skills: Summer is the best time to focus on your skills. You will not have any assignments to submit or tests to take. You can utilize your time by working as an intern.

Be creative and you will be rewarded. Straight way to creativity is being curious. Never let yourself disappointed. Don’t be lazy.

2 Search for an internship: you need right channel to show up your talent. You may take help of a trusted website that links candidates with companies. You can approach a company by yourself but approaching through a reference is always preferred. You may use your local network or relay on social media. Much better option is to approach a college friend or senior who is working.

Group is better than single
Group is better than single. Search for internship in a group.

Now a days , government is taking initiative to improve skills among students. Skills development centers are established.

2(a) Go online: There are many internships available online which facilitates work from home. Online learning portals give us the flexibility of learning whenever we like to. These portals are also available with variety of courses including emerging technologies and also provide you with a certificate.

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3 Give your best : Once you choose an internship, try to learn something. Be active and alert. Whether your internship is paid or not, you will definitely rewarded for your work. Remember that this internship may pave way to your career.

This summer, take this internship a challenge and try to complete work within time. Though the company don’t pose any time limit, put your own boundaries regarding time, quality and quantity of your work.

3(a) Manage your time : Just  joining in internship will not get your job done. You should be able to manage your time properly. Don’t take too much pressure on yourself. Feel the joy of working. An interested job is never boring.

3(b) Don’t be sheepish : Discover new ways of working. In fact, find smart way out to work. Create your own identity. Whatever work you do, have your own mark.

Last but not the least, Take time to relax and exercise. Remember that health is wealth.

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