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3 Smart and Elegant Gadgets That Would Make Great Gifts


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The tradition of presenting your friends or loved ones with a ribboned-box you deem is (are) important to them or something that helps you represent your genuine sentiment towards them is a priceless custom. However, this pulchritudinous of a benevolent culture has seen its fair share of adulteration in the last few decades. People have grown to develop a certain degree of impractical and ludicrous expectation whenever they unwrap their presents. Thus, purchasing an ideal gift that does not necessarily offend the other person on the receiving end has become quite a hassle of a venture to undertake. 

The consistent advancements in the field of tech gadgets seem to have hit the bulls-eye when it comes to wrapping them under a thick layer of paper and ribbon. Due to their never-ending concepts of cutting-edge innovation, they make for a perfect surprise package to, well, literally surprise, your friends or families. In brief, you can never go wrong with an elegant and unique piece of tech gadget as your choice of the ideal gift item.

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1. PlayBeatz Bluetooth Earbuds


Unless the person you are buying gifts for is landing from Mars, high chances are they will appreciate a good set of earbuds/ headphones that they can groove to their favorite records. More importantly, not just any ordinary earphones, a wireless set that they can squeeze in anytime whenever they want to listen to music receive calls hands-free without the conventional characteristics of those irritating and clumsy wires coming in their way every time they require its service. The wireless functionality of the earbuds allows them to perform any type of physical activity such as dancing, running, work-out, or simply walk without having to deal with those infuriating tangible cords sliding off with every stride you make. 

These earbuds are also equipped with the latest audio technology, which means they do not make any compromises on the sheer quality of sound output they deliver. They are extremely compact and lightweight, and their portability characteristic (obviously) is superior as compared to their wired counterparts as well. These Bluetooth earbuds are the perfect combination of practicality and versatility; hence, they make for an ideal gifting gadget. 


2. Smart Water Bottle 


While the standard water bottles have become a fairly regular gifting option, the same cannot be said for this extremely quirky water bottle gadget with unique, innovative functionality. The unit looks precisely like any other normal water bottle on the exterior front but comes with an eccentric functional tweak on the inside. The smart water bottle gadget, sticking true to its name, has a smart internal concept that takes care of your daily hydration routine by reminding you to take a sip if you miss out on your ideal liquid intake for a specific period of time.

Ideally, a normal human being is required to consume at least up to 3.7 liters of water every day to ensure we stay optimally hydrated, and thus, keep any form of infection that may result due to excess dehydration, and this smart water bottle makes sure you achieve the required goal. The bottle is equipped with a sensor that registers the amount of liquid you intake (in milliliters) and reminds you to slurp up your daily dose of water. The bottle syncs with your smartphone through a dedicated app and allows you to monitor the vital information through it as well.


3. Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device 


In the present generation of absurdly fast-paced lifestyles, no one has the luxury to sit back for a second and consider the negative effects that such a non-stop regime can have on their physical health. However, the same technology that brought us to where our present haywire lifestyle is currently at has (ironically) offered us the ideal solution as well. This well-being solution comes in the form of a metabolism tracking device that keeps a close tab on your current health status to help you keep away any future health risks at bay.

The Lumen metabolism tracking device makes for a perfect gifting choice if you are concerned about the erratic lifestyle of the other person. The gadget has a unique working principle that allows it to keep track of the person’s health status by simply analyzing their breath. So, with the help of a simple breathing courtesy, the gadget can analyze and provide an accurate status on various aspects of your genuine health conditions such as the number of calories you have burned, the number of nutritional percentages in your body, etc.

The gadget pairs up with your smartphone and displays various vital information on the custom app. In addition to monitoring your body vitals, the gadget also notifies you to work out or get some extra sleeping duration to maintain optimal health status.     




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