3 reasons why brothers is a must watch


Watching a movie is one thing and feeling the emotions in it is another. I could feel the movie. The story line is really very emotional and touching. If you are a family person and if you are very close to your siblings you’ll love the movie. The movie is worth watching or rather i’d say it’s a must watch.

1. The emotional connect

The movie revolves around the family bonds and emotions. The movie has successfully shown the best parts of a family bond. Some scenes in the movie give you goosebumps. You’ll recall all your childhood memories and you’ll definitely call or meet your siblings after watching the movie. the movie has rightly caught the emotional connects. If you watch it with that connect i bet you’ll cry several times in the movie. The movie doesn’t have too many dialogues. The expressions, the songs and the eyes did it all. Innocence,love, violence and hatred all in one frame. The movie is a full packed action-drama. I’d say this movie has actually shown the real family love. There are things that you never say but you feel them somewhere in your hearts. The movie said it all. If you are emotional, you can easily relate.

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2. The cast

Although i love Sidharth Malhotra but not being biased i’d say that the best actor award goes to Jackie Shroff. He has done a remarkable job. You cannot actually decide who was the protagonist of the story. They all had a very important role to play and they did an awesome job. .Akshay and Sidharth have build up great muscles and their hard work really shows. Shefali Shah is a surprise package. As always her acting was flawless and it really reaches your heart. She has portrayed the motherhood in the best way.

3. The music

‘Sapna Jahan’ is a very cute romantic number in the movie. It is not the usual bollywood romance. It makes you feel the love. Jacqueline Fernandes looks very beautiful and her role describes the love of every wife in India. ‘Gaaye Ja’, the female version is very touching. The song is really very soothing whereas the male version is motivating and an optimistic song. If you go to the deeper meaning, a mother’s lullaby becomes the motivation as the movie reaches its second half.
Mera naam mary was a sizzling item numbet .Kareena looks sexy as always.

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I cannot tell about everybody but i really loved the movie. <3