Like any other country, India is recognized by its specific cultural and traditional identity. Our country is born out of beliefs that somehow limited the discussions about ‘taboo subjects’. Some of these subjects being about topics like live in relationships, homosexuality, sex education, etc. But it is also a fact that the levels of recognition given to new LGBT rights faced hardships in our country but to achieve success at last. India is be seen to be moving towards the times when these subjects are not considered taboo and discussed openly.

The great example of this social advancement are the trending ‘ad campaign videos’ that urged its audience to hit the ‘like’ buttons, thus acquiring thousands and millions of views. Here, I have given some examples of these kind of videos which openly discusses the previous ‘non-discussed’ topics.

  1. India’s first Lesbian Video ‘The Visit’: BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL

This is the most recent trending video that is being talked about a lot due to it being the first ad campaign where a lesbian relationship is presented openly to the audience. With the million views that this viral video has got, its acceptability rate has seen to be quite high. This video is actually bold as well as beautiful in its way to support the LGBT rights. This ad campaign of ‘Anouk Ethnic Wear’ is a result of the conceptual minds of the ad agency ‘Ogilvy and Mather’.

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  1. Brooke Bond Red Label Tea: The Live In Relationship Ad

This is yet another work of the ad agency Ogilvy and Mather wherein the relationship of live-in couples with their parents has been presented beautifully. This ad is on-air on Television. Here, another ‘taboo’ subject has been portrayed as ‘socially acceptable’. Live in relationship need not necessarily be an ‘outcast thing’ can be seen as the theme of this ad campaign.



  1. #imnotdown: Sofy conversations

Well if you have been watching videos on youtube these days, which I am sure you have been, you must have come across these approximately two minutes videos of Sofy Conversations #imnotdown. This concept has certainly given a new direction to the conversations regarding the menstrual cycle of women. It actually gave us a direction to our onversations which force us females to give second thoughts before saying, “I am down” when actually we are nowhere near down. The youtube channel 20something has uploaded 3 videos till now including the song imnotdown, poetry slam and conversation with three women on their periods.

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The trend has been set up, the videos are on air and now it is high time to talk about these things openly rather than hiding behind murmurs and whispers.