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3 misconceptions about interior designers


1. Interior designers are only for the rich.

People usually think that interior designers charge too much. people think that designers are not affordable. people need to understand that designers take up small projects too. They work according to your budget. Most of the interior designing companies have flexible rates. They charge according to the space and style. You can always sit with your designer and discuss the possibilities of design within your budget. nobody can ever force you to spend a lot of money. You may face this problem if you are consulting a very high-end company. Your designer can actually help you plan and re-design your place in your budget. They have a better knowledge of space and design. They can help you to avoid many expensive mistakes.

2. Designers override their your opinions with theirs.

There are some designers who work with their own style. People hire them because they love their style. But that doesn’t mean that the designers override their opinions on yours. The style of your space has to be according to your choices. Interior designers can help you to achieve that style and design in a polished way. Designers have a good knowledge of colors, design and style. You may decide colors for your walls but designers help you to use that color as an element of design for your room or space. No designer would ever try to force you to agree with him/her. Designers always keep in mind, the choices and preferences of the clients. they may add a few things according to the need of the space but they never override your choices and opinions. After all, you are the one who is going to use that space. It has to be according to your choice.

3. People think that they can design their house on their own.

People usually think that they can design their house on their own. Hiring an interior designer for their space seems to be a wastage of money. One must understand that interior designers have got a 4 year degree and hence they have a better knowledge of space, style, color and design. They have experience and they can help you to design your house in a better way. They know the latest styles. They can manage your space in a better way. While trying to design our house on our own, we make various mistakes which we regret. Everything cannot be done on your own. If you are worried about your budget, you can choose a budget friendly design. Trying to design your own house, you might mix all the styles and your living room may turn into a mess.



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