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3 liters of drinking water per day is beneficial


Water is essential for life, as you know, and life is synonymous to water. You need to drink enough quantity of water every day in order to stay healthy. You may be aware of the fact that seventy percent of our body is made up of water. It not only makes up a major part of our body parts, including the brain but also boosts up the circulatory system. Thus, it is needless to say that water is an integral part of our diet and we need to be well aware of the amount of water we drink regularly.

How much water is needed by your body?

This is one of the most debated questions and the answers that arise from different quarters are subjected to a wide degree of variety. While some physicians suggest that a person should drink ten glasses of water per day, each glass being of 200 ml. each, the total amount of water comes to two litres. However, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the prescription of a fixed amount of water for daily consumption. This may vary from person to person. However, three litres of water is more than enough for a healthy survival.

Factors determining the amount of water needed by the body:

Not everybody requires the same amount of water to stay healthy. The more water a person loses, the more it is required to maintain the equilibrium. Some of these factors are given below.

  1. Amount of water lost through breath

  2. Amount of water lost through perspiration

  3. Amount of water lost through urination

  4. Amount of water consumed by bowel movements

Apart from these there are other factors determining the amount of water lost by the body. These include:

  • The size of your body
  • The rate of activity of your body
  • The rate of metabolism of your cells
  • The temperature at which you live

Sources of water in your body:

You must remember that the water in your body comes not only from the water you drink. These also include the fizzy drinks, milk and milk products, pulses and the other gravy which you consume in your diets.

Benefits of having at least three litres water per day:

The natural process of weight loss: Drinking more water reduces the appetite of your body. Thus, if you always feel like eating something; the best way to keep a check on the appetite is to drink more water. As soon as you are dehydrated, the fat cells become tough and they refuse to be broken down. Thus, you will find the perfect medicine to take care of your weight in natural water.

Removal of wrinkles

Water removes the wrinkles on your body and faces. Research has proven that 20% of the females who drank at least 3 litres of water per day have been benefited in about one and a half months. Thus, you need not go for extensive treatment and rush to the dermatologists in order to get rid of the wrinkles in your skin which threaten to rob you of your beauty.

Getting rid of a headache

A headache may be caused due to a number of reasons. You can have a headache if your body is dehydrated. You may also feel dizzy due to the same reason. Fatigues also a cause of your headaches and the best way to get rid of fatigue is to drink more water. You need to drink more water in order to keep the body rehydrated.

Purification of the skin

Water brings a tinge of moisture to your skin. This helps you to get rid of all the toxic materials and these materials are flushed out along with the water from the skin. This is an entirely natural process to keep your skin clean and you need to drink around three litres of water daily so that your skin gets rid of all the dust and germs in a natural way.

Preventing infections and kidney stones

Kidney stones are one of the most dreaded problems created due to the lack of drinking the proper amount of water. In order to keep yourself from kidney stones, you must be careful enough to drink three litres of water daily. As mentioned earlier, the toxic and dead material of the skin gets expelled out of the body due to the proper consumption of water. Thus, here is one of the most natural doctors for your body.

Removes constipation

If you drink three litres of water on an every day, you can keep yourself away from the problems related to constipation and piles. Piles are not only painful but also unhealthy. It is often advised that the person suffering from piles must consume a lot of fibres. As soon as you eat fibrous food, the water from your body is used up and you need to drink more water in order to keep the body going.

Better exercise of the body

The degree of metabolism in your body is dependent on your activities. The more you work, the more sweat comes pout. This means more and more impurities are thrown out of their skin by water.

It helps to think

All the thoughts that we get are the outcomes of our brains. The brain is made up of eighty-five percent of water. If you drink less quantities of water, your body will get dehydrated and the required amount of water will not reach the brain. Thus, you will not be able to carry out individual and logical thinking over a given matter. It also increases your power of concentration as it directly stimulates the brain.

It brings energy: Our bones contain 22% water, blood contains 83% water and the muscles contain 75 % water. Dehydration causes all the water to dry up and it results in a number of complicated problems.

Thus, it is evident why we must have the required amount of water. If not more, three litres of water is enough for our body and you need to take in the right amount of water to make yourself fit and safe.



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