3 Great Modern Innovations For The Young Professional


The pressure to succeed in the workplace is higher now than it’s ever been before, what with how difficult it is to pay off student debt, cope with the rising cost of rent, and make an overall decent living. It’s only natural that breaking into the professional scene can be terrifying for our young professionals.

Luckily, advancements in design and technology make it possible to rise to the occasion and enter the workforce with great momentum. Consider these five modern innovations guaranteed to help fresh grads on their path to success:


  • Coworking Keeps Office Space Fun and Dynamic


Nothing spells the end of youth more than being trapped in a soulless, fluorescent-lit dungeon over the course of your nine-to-five. Whatever spark of creative energy is quickly dispelled by the dull routine of life chained to an office desk.

If you’re a freelancer or a startup owner looking to attract creative young minds, consider looking up an office for rent such as Common Desk for your office rental needs. The price of membership covers utilities, and typically comes packaged with bonuses like unlimited coffee, high-speed Wi-Fi access, and a host of amenities.

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Virtual offices are known for their emphasis on networking and community, as well as for encouraging members to sit, work, and socialize at a pace that they find most effective. Restrictive, authoritarian styles of office management are on the way out, and our real estate industry is taking full advantage.

  • Smart Technology makes Communication and Organization Effortless



There doesn’t seem to be any stopping the waves of progress that smart technology has been making these past few years. From the early, impressive days of internet access on cell phones to cars that drive themselves, automation and connectivity are at an all-time high.

Keeping aware of the continuing developments in smart technology allows young professionals to tap into the marketplace of applications and software designed to optimize productivity. Intelligent users take advantage of digital calendars that can track the schedules of an entire corporate division, synchronize whole libraries of files across devices, and never skip an important development in office, local, or global news.

  • Housing Solutions Make Urban Bedspace More Livable


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Following in the vein of a virtual office like thecommondesk.com, coliving drastically upgrades the market for shared living set-ups. For young urban professionals, finding real estate that satisfies both financial constraints and the need for regular social interactions has its solution in the format.

The set-up is simple: tenants rent small private bedrooms situated in large properties in the middle of urban hubs. The remaining, expansive floor space is used as communal space, again full of amenities and designed to maximize the sense of community that naturally forms within the property.

Urban isolation and impossibly high rent lose their bite, and city living becomes not only feasible but enjoyable.

Breaking into the professional scene doesn’t have to be terrifying, thanks to a growing number of innovations and advancements. Embracing these changes, for many new entries to working life, spells the difference between a satisfying and dynamic early career and a long trudge into an uncertain future.