3 Amazing Facts you should know about famous Paintings!


Famous Paintings,Art,Artists– all are subjective, to every man his own. Perspectives are different, interpretations are different.

Funnily, the amount of boredom each one feels is… also different.
Therefore, Art is subjective.
But here are 3 objective stories about famous paintings and their artists that will blow your mind.


#1. Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting — Starry night

Vincent Van Gogh: Self-Portrait
Vincent Van Gogh:

If you look at this wonderful piece of art that Van Gogh painted when he was alive you would see a clichéd painting which escalated to stardom only when Van Gogh died.

Starry Night painting by Van Gogh

The painting has elements of tree?, cities and the showstopper is– the starry night sky with yellow orbs as stars.
The first thing getting into the story is:
People believe that:

The city in the background is actually—Netherlands
the city where Van Gogh was staying in a… mental asylum!
He painted this painting among many others when he was in an asylum after being ditched by his friend– Paul G (G having different spellings, so let’s just call him Paul)

The most peculiar thing about the starry night painting is the… the way the sky was painted.
It is a sky with halos of yellow, dotted yellow spots blended with the perfect shades of blue.
One can try yet not fail in noticing that Van Gogh has used too much yellow.


Fun Fact: Van Gogh had a Funny obsession with yellow paint.

He used to eat…literally eat yellow paint.
Some claim it was because he associated yellow with happiness and thus ate it to make himself happy as he was really really really sad… in other words depressed.

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However, eating paint causes lead poisoning or even Absinth is harmful for the body.
That’s how theory 2 comes in that Van Gogh was trying to eat paint not for happiness but to kill himself slowly.

Whatever he was doing it for…the result was lead poisoning.
Lead poisoning showed symptoms.
Symptoms such as: Stomach pain, Mood disorders…

And the most important in context to our research–
swirls in vision

which is exactly what the stars would look like through Van Gogh eyes…and which is exactly what his painting starry night looks like.


#2 Da Vinci and Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci, we can conclude has been highly controversial as a person.
A lot of his work is speculated to have various inferences.
Was he a free Mason? Did he know about the Templar’s treasure? Did he pretend to support the church but was in reality an illuminati member? Did he have secret multiple relationships which he depicted through his work?

Well. We’ll never know what that man really was or felt.
But what we know is…
He created fabulous pieces of art in his lifetime.

The most famous and treasured one being—his painting of Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci
Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Out the many many controversies generated through and about this painting… One of them is:

That there are …wait-for-it…
hidden letters in the eyes of this beautiful young woman.


It’s claimed that the right eye has initials— LV
People say it refers to or is the autograph of Leonardo Da Vinci Himself.

The left eye is a bit different and has the letters– B and S or C-E

There’s an arch in the bridge right behind Mona Lisa…which has the inscription– 72 or L-2

None could come to a conclusion why these details were highlighted and/or hidden in the paints.
Moreover, not just in the painting but also behind the portrait was the number
–149—written but erased. The smudges still exist to this day.

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There are many such other secrets about this particular painting and this particularly famous artist…. But the truth… is yet to be discovered.


#3 Nicolas Poussin and his painting– The Arcadian shepherds

Nicolas Poussin painting
Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin’s painting looks like an innocent painting having 4 men and a giant box.

The 4 Arcadian Shepherds painting
The 4 Arcadian Shepherds

Fun Fact: the giant box is said to be a real tomb….!

In 1980’s British art department got a mysterious tip from an unknown caller that the tomb was real.
The caller also claimed that it was no ordinary painting but instead a confession of murder or witness to a murder.

The second very interesting thing about it is that the background of Nicolas Poussin’s painting is said to be a map or a key which may hold clues to the secret of Knights Templar
Some speculate it holds the Directions to the Body of Jesus but it goes against all laws as Jesus, rose back from the dead and there is no Body to be found in the first place!

Moreover, there are markers (which is the name of the painting) “Et in arcadia ego” that means—“even in arcadia I exists”

People believe this inscription to be some kind of marker…leading on to another conspiracy or mystery…Facts are yet inconclusive as of today.

The painting has a castle in the background. (Which is not very clear but there back on the hill if you use x-ray vision :P)
The land markers brought about a conclusion by the researchers that the castle in the painting was indeed a real castle. Thus aiding to the Mystery caller’s tip of the realness of the tomb and that it might be somewhere around the premises if they could narrow down the location of the castle.

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Another very interesting thing about this painting is that–

“Poussin holds the key” was found written in ancient parchments and scrolls… Near the hill around that region or unafirmitively in the parish… Which looked eerily similar to the hill in the painting.

Things just got weirder when Kings got involved in this story. Because then the equation became—A painting, A castle and A King!

King Louis XIV was obsessed with hiding this painting… In and during his reign he found it and hid it from the people… which was scary because of 2 questions:
1. why did he always try to hide it?
2. What’s the real truth behind this infamous painting?




Do you know any more conspiracies?
What do you think is the mystery behind all of these?
Leave us your answers and some love in the comments below!