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29 Bollywood actors/actresses who should be in India’s Game of Thrones.


Everyone seems to think that remaking Game of Thrones in India would be a dreadful idea. I don’t blame them, given that Indian Television series has more than earned this reputation. But let’s give the entire thing another thought, shall we?
Bollywood does have some brilliant actors and actresses, each with an aura of their own who are more than capable of doing justice to the Game of Thrones characters. Assuming that the following actors would accept the roles (which I admit is highly unlikely due to various reasons), Game of Thrones with them definitely would make up an interesting watch.
Have a look.


1. Sanjay Dutt as Ned Stark.

He has got the personality, the heavy voice and the aura that the honorable Lord of Winterfell should have.

ImageSource: Quora
ImageSource: Quora



2. Farhan Akhtar as Robb Stark.

Farhan has got the looks and can effectively portray the fearless and determined Robb Stark.

ImageSource: Quora


3. Rekha as Catelyn Stark.

A loving wife and a brave mother, Rekha can do the role flawlessly.

ImageSource: www.yaabot.com



4. Swini Khara as Arya Stark.

Swini is of the right age, and is a pretty cool actress who will be as loved as Arya.

ImageSource: Quora


5. Alia Bhatt as Sansa Stark.

Well, we need a beautiful and dumb princess.

ImageSource: Quora


6. Shahid Kapoor as Jon Snow.

Shahid Kapoor has got the charm and is a versatile actor who is perfect to do the young, enthusiastic and brave Jon Snow.

ImageSource: www.news4world.com



7. Armaan Verma as Bran Stark.

Just look at the similarity.

ImageSource: Quora



8. Rishi Kapoor as Robert Baratheon.

Once widely respected, is now a shadow of former self. Rishi Kapoor would do justice to the character. Also, both of them are fat.

ImageSource: Quora



9. Ajay Devgan as Stannis Baratheon.

Humorless, determined and always serious. We have a perfect match.

ImageSource: Quora



10. Naseeruddin Shah as Ser Davos.

Naseeruddin Shah is a versatile actor and more than capable of portraying Ser Davos, an honorable knight and a wise advisor.

ImageSource: Quora



11. Vidya Balan as Melisandre.

A seductress, mysterious and exquisite beauty, who looks hot in red. Vidya Balan it is!

ImageSource: storyglitz.com


12. Tahir Raj Bhasin as Joffery.

Has done negative roles in Mardaani and can make us hate him which is the essence of Joffery’s character.

ImageSource: Quora



13. Sushmita Sen as Cersie Lannister.

A strinkingly beautiful, power hungry and arrogant queen who would do anything for her children is what defines Cersie. Sushmita Sen has that kind of aura which would make her a perfect choice.

ImageSource: Quora



14. Hrithik Roshan as Jamie Lannister.

Extremely good looking warrior, who we are not sure whether to love or hate, Hrithik Roshan is tailor made for the role of Kingslayer.

ImageSource: Quora



15. Amitabh Bacchhan as Tywin Lannister.

A ruthless, strict, controlling persona whose mere presence commands respect, no one can do this better than Amitabh Bacchhan.

ImageSource: Quora



16. Nana Patekar as Tyrion Lannister.

We just have to make him a dwarf somehow but then, Nana Patekar’s portrayal of Tyrion would be the best thing about the show. Imagine Tyrion’s dialogues in Nana’s style!

ImageSource: Quora



17. Kalki Koechlin as Shae.

Shae is a witty and funny whore-next-door and Kalki has done such a role previously. Plus, her foreign accent would help.

ImageSource: toptrending.in




18. Kay Kay Menon as Peter Baelish.

Kay Kay Menon is an underrated Bollywood actor who can do justice the Littlefinger’s character, the shrewd skillful mastermind.

ImageSource: Quora



19. Paresh Rawal as Lord Varys.

A master of manipulation, Paresh Rawal would nail this, undoubtedly!

ImageSource: Quora



20. Sonu Sood as Oberyn Martell.

The Badass attitude and built of a warrior, Sonu Sood would be our prince Oberyn.

ImageSource: Quora



21. Rahul Dev as The Hound.

Rahul Dev has got the muscles and with a little makeup, would even look like the Hound should.

ImageSource: Quora



22. Prateek Babbar as Ramsay Snow.

Prateek Babbar, I choose you!

ImageSource: Quora

23. Anushka Sharma as Margery Tyrel.

They both look extremely charismatic and most importantly, can make duck faces!

ImageSource: Quora



24. Rajkumar Rao as Theon Greyjoy.

Theon is arrogant, cocky and anything but loyal (before he becomes Reek!). Rajkumar Rao has done such roles in the past and I think, would portray a perfect Reek!

ImageSource: Quora


25. Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan as Daenerys Targaryen.

Aishwarya’s graceful beauty, her queenly aura and versatility as an actress make her a perfect pick for The Mother of Dragons.

ImageSource: Quora



26. Salman Khan as Ser Jorah Mormont.

The Lord of Friendzone, enough said.

ImageSource: Quora



27. Ranveer Singh as Dario Naharis.

The cool, flirty warrior.

ImageSource: Quora



28. John Abraham as Khal Drogo.

Only John has the personality, agression and the built to pull off a KHAL DROGO!

ImageSource: Quora



29. SHAH RUKH KHAN as the Many faced God.

There is no doubt in the fact that Shah Rukh Khan’s abilities as an actor is what makes him the Badshaah of Bollywood (neglecting his last few flicks). I will choose him for the role of the coolest character I find, the Many faced God!


Admit it now, India’s version of Game of Thrones would be electrifying, wouldn’t it?
Write your suggestions in the comments below.

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