28 slangs for every social network addict (JIC DONNO)


There are some “words” that we are already so familiar with: OMG, TTYL, LOL…the list goes on. But some terms that pop up on social media every second seem so new – and so confusing! – that our brain goes nuts trying to figure out WTF (you know that one, right?). To make life just a little bit easier here is the list of 28 abbreviations you need to know to survive the e-world – so that the next time someone uses one, you don’t have to go “HUH?!”

1. IDK – I don’t know

“What does IDK even mean?”  “I don’t know…” “Yeah, me netiher.”


2. FOMO – Fear of missing out

The thing you feel when all your friends have been invited to a party, and you’re still waiting for the call…


3. YOLO – You only live once

In olden days, it used to be “carpe diem”. Now, no one has time to learn Latin. ‘Coz YOLO.


4. IRL – In real life

When you finally decide enough is enough and meet your crush for coffee…

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5. SMH – Shaking my head

When you come back from the date, disappointed and need to express it to your friends in a text message.

6. ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing

And your friends ROFL when LOL isn’t enough. Because standing straight and laughing is so boring.


7.FTW – For the win

This term is originally used by cricket enthusiasts. But now used by anyone who considers themselves a WINNAH.


8. TBT – Throw-Back Thursday/ Tuesday

For that back-in-the-day photo of you as chubby little baby! #TheThingsWeDoForLikes


9. MCM – Man-Crush Monday

For that picture of Fawad Khan that you just have to ‘gram.


10. WCW – Woman-Crush Wednesday

For that aahmaazing picture of Deepika you saw and have to repost!


11. FBF – Flashback Friday

For that pic of you and bae that’s just too cute for other people to not see.


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12. S/O – Significant other

‘Coz nobody got time for that are you my boyfriend/ girlfriend conversation these days


13.ILY – I love you

Which, let’s admit, is way better than “I luv u”.


14. JK – Just kidding

Hey, ILY. Haha, no, JK.


15. STFU – Shut the f*ck up

What you should say to the person who sent you that last message


16. OMFG – Oh my f*cking God

Because sometimes OMG is just not enough.


17. FML- F*ck my life

For any time of the day when you’re feeling  a shade too dramatic to use real words.


18. IMHO – In my humble opinion

Mostly used when you’re feeling anything but humble.


19. IKR- I know, right

“You’re, lik,e really pretty” “IKR?”


20. NSFW – Not safe for work

Basically, trying to read a POPxo sex article when your boss isn’t looking!



21. OOTD – Outfit of the day

For all you Instagram addicts out there.

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22.ICYMI- In case you missed it

Here’s my OOTD again, ICYMI earlier.


23. NVM – Never mind

You DON’T care about my OOTD? NVM.


24.  BT – Bad trip

When you were expecting to get high and happy, and got low and depressed instead.



On Another Note. It’s mostly used in informal emails.


26. TBH – To be honest

Yes, there’s a separate term for it. Because otherwise how would people tell the lies from the truth?


27. TGIF- Thank God It’s Friday

Because by the time the working week ends, you really have no energy for real words.


28. TMI – Too much information

What this post is becoming…