27 paintings of Indian artists you can’t believe..


The artist’s world is limitless it can be found from anywhere, they very beautifully capture the  beauty of nature in their canvas. I have an idea that the only thing which sooth us out of the chaos is  in the beauty which their pictures have. Here are  most amazing works of art of some of the Indian artists who are insanely talented you won’t believe and let me tell  you that these are 100% handmade and NOT photographs. These artists are so talented, they’ll leave your jaw on the floor.

S. Elayraja paintings

Elayaraja has breathed life into the faces and lives of uncaptured people … the common crowd in everyday moments of life. Exquisite innocent expressions with delicate play of light and fine details with realism.a reflections of his thoughts are the qualities of his fine art work. Each picture speaks a story that touches the depths of heart instantly. They capture the beauty and color of southern India with such honesty and life. The way he paints detail and infuse life in his paintings by capturing each ray of light in its full correctness is truly amazing.

more at: http://elayarajaartgallery.com/

Amit Bhar

Indian Painter Amit Bhar is a self taught artist , he was born in Kolkata in 1973. As a child his first love was art and also the primary objective of his life. His notebooks at school were invariably filled with sketches and paintings. The scintillating, pristine, rustic beauty of rural Bengal inspired him to take the brush at a very tender age.On looking once at Bhar’s work, the viewer is immediately drawn to the meditative reflection, nuanced poignancy, unburdened ambiance of an empowered spirit. It is clear that for the artist, creativity is an act of devotion, an act of connection, and a process of sharing. His paintings are acts of revelation, affection, softly spoken discourse, giving as well as receiving. His forms, objects and characters are those anyone would like to befriend – anywhere, any time.

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Shashikant Dhotre

Shashikant Dhotre is an artist who invites our attention towards gone by days of village life of rural  Maharashtra, wherein, in absence of electricity in remote parts of the  country, still prevails the dark age, which appears though the frames of  paintings of Shashikant Dhotre as background of utter darkness.He is a combination of starkness and intricacy. The subjects,  clad in rich, glossy colours and exquisite details stand out against a  dark, slightly shaded background. Textures, light, shade and patterns  are strongly present in each painting, bringing each subject to life and  giving them the semblance of a softened photograph

S.L. Haldankar

S.L. Haldankar’s Glow of Hope, alternately titled “Woman With the Lamp” is the work which was painted by him in 1945–46 and is currently stored in the Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery at the Jaganmohan Palace in Mysore. The painting is currently on display on the second floor of the museum, in an enclave with a curtained window. The enclave is normally darkened, which highlights the subtlety of the glowing candle in the piece. When the light is turned on, the painting reveals remarkably subtle shades of pink and lavender in the woman’s sari. Opening the enclave’s curtain leads to yet another distinct view of the painting, the natural light exposing even more subtle gradations and details.

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Chithra Mitra

Indian artist Chithra Mitra from Mumbai is known for his paintings which look like photographs.

 Raghunath Sahoo

Raghunath Sahoo an artist from Orissa creates beautiful paintings that give us insight of the people living in rural India, the scenes that he paints include people, children and objects. His work illustrates the detailed picture of everyday events and life of the villagers.


Rajasekharan Parameswaran

Artist Rajasekharan Parameswaran is a self taught Kerala based artist. He is known for his portrait paintings and  is also a National award winning Art Director and has worked with several Indian film makers.   Most of his paintings are the faces of common man and other politicians.


One of the Rajasekharan painting is listed in the Guinness world record because it is the largest painted hoarding in the world, the record breaking easel features a portrait of EMS Namboodaripad is 50ft wide and 25ft high.

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Gift by a street painter:

This  was a gift to Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata on his Birthday by a street artist.. Nobody was  able to understand his art. Unfortunately, only the painting was given  to JRD and the artist had promised to reveal the secret shortly However,  JRD was no more when the secret was actually revealed.


Here’s  the secret revealed. When you place a steel rod at the circle in the  first pic you saw, you will see the image of the JRD Tata as a  reflection on the steel rod as seen in the second pic below. Isn’t it  incredible!!

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor and think about how little talent I have. Share this incredible work with others by just clicking a button.