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Top 26 Most Useful MS-Word+Google Doc Keyword Shortcuts


It is often said shortcuts are not worth taking. They bring you to hope but ultimately land you up in trouble at the end. But sometimes these shortcuts are worth pursuing. They help you to achieve something fast instead of wasting time on it. What if shortcuts are deliberately made for our pursuit? What if they are made so that we have effective and efficient work experience?

That would indeed be really great!!! But if something is already there in store for us, we must have knowledge about it. Otherwise, it is our huge loss. Here is a list of the shortcuts that are important to know for any Microsoft Word user. Not only will it facilitate fast working, but also help save our valuable time.

The list is in alphabetical order and has to be accompanied by Control (Ctrl) Key before.

1. Ctrl +A

This key helps to select the entire text fed in the document. No need to drag your mouse all along the document, be it of 5 or 500 pages.

2. Ctrl +B

This key helps you to make the text bold. It may be sometimes difficult to locate the B in the toolbar; hence this can be used.

3. Ctrl +C

The most used and common shortcut of MS Word. This helps you to copy text from one place to another. This can be used for both text and pictures alike.

4. Ctrl +D

This is a very rare yet useful shortcut that we should know. It helps you to change the Font be it its font style, size, color, etc. This provides a single platform where you can edit the font in any way you like.

5. Ctrl +E

Control + E allows you to change the text to center alignment. The text you are reading here is aligned left.

6. Ctrl +F

This key helps you find a single word in the entire text. This helps to save a lot of time otherwise you would have to search up the entire text to locate your word with no surety of actually finding it.

7. Ctrl +G

If your document is composed of 5000 pages and you want to go to the 2000th page, then this is the shortcut you have been looking for.

8. Ctrl +H

This key helps you to replace stuff in your document. If you have entered a word say “Kiev” in your entire text and later you realize that it should have “Kieve”, you can do it within a fraction of seconds by using this shortcut.

9. Ctrl +I

This is similar to the function of Control + B. Earlier it was used to make the text bold but now it is used to make the text.

10. Ctrl +J

Again similar to the function key of E, this key helps you to make the text in justified alignment.

11. Ctrl +K

This key helps you to insert hyperlinks.

12. Ctrl +L

This key helps you align the text towards the left; again a very useful shortcut.

13. Ctrl +M

Control M helps you to change the indent of the text.

14. Ctrl +N

This key helps you to create a new document.

15. Ctrl +O

This key helps you to open files that have already been created.

16. Ctrl +P

This key helps you to print files directly.

17. Ctrl +Q

Control + Q helps to allow space for paragraphs required in letters and articles.

18. Ctrl +R

This key helps you align the text towards the right.

19. Ctrl +S

This is a very important shortcut that enables you to save files.

20. Ctrl +T

This key helps you to change the indent of the document. Note the difference between Control M and T.

21. Ctrl +U

This helps you to underline the text.

22. Ctrl +V

Again the most frequently used key, Control V allows you to paste the copied or cut text.

23. Ctrl +W

Control W helps you to close the file. Check again; close the file and not the Ms-Word as a whole.

24. Ctrl +X

This is again very frequently used. This shortcut helps you to cut the selected text.

25. Ctrl +Y

This key helps you to repeat your last function. Suppose you have typed a word say “Again” and if you use this function your last action i.e. Typing Again is again executed. So you can type the word “Again” as many times you like. Not only for a word but for any function you use. This is a lesser-known shortcut yet can be put to great use.

26. Ctrl +Z

This is the antonym of the above shortcut. Control Z helps you to cancel your last action.

These shortcuts are created so that it can be put to use. So we see that the whole keyboard is a treasure of shortcuts and can be so valuable. Once we get accustomed to their use, we can deal with MS Word very easily. After all, in this technological era, it is very important to have knowledge about it!!! Well, this list is not exhaustive and there are many more you would want to know. If yes, then you can leave a comment here to which I shall definitely reply. I hope this proves really useful for you and you can learn a bit of MS Word yourself!!!



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