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23 Kinds of People you’ll find in Jamia


If you study in Jamia, then you’ll know that it’s not a student’s course that distinguishes him or her from others, it’s the people he or she chooses to hangout with.

Here are 23 kinds of people you’ll find in Jamia :

1. The Smokers :

Yes, you heard it right. Despite the CCTV cameras installed almost everywhere in the campus, you’re still gonna find such people at the self created and so called ‘sutta’ points, behind the GCR and around every shady corner of the campus.


2. The love birds :

You’ll always find them under Ghalib Uncle or in the audi park, holding hands and roaming fearlessly in the campus.


3. The Sports Nuts :


A lot of guys and girls get in through the sports quota. They spend more time in the Sports Complex than in class.


4. The Chugalkhors :

They’re the ones who betray and backstab their fellow classmates and tell the Professor who initiated the mass bunk. Bloddy Tratiors!


5. The Amateur Photographers :


They walk around carelessly around the campus, with their DSLRs, clicking pictures of chairs, tables, dogs, squirrels, rocks and what not!


6. The Rockstars : 


You’re gonna find them with their huge guitars on, in empty classes, under the trees and yes, in the Central canteen near the Tanki!


7. The Perverts :


Yewwkkss, those creepy ones!!!! They’ll always trouble you with their chessy sentences over facebook and sometimes in the campus too.


8. The Cheaters, Pumpkin eaters :


Yes, almost every batch has such kind of people who’ll cheat off you and get more marks than you.


9. The Spoiled Brats :

We all know those annoying creatures, who get special favours and escape punishment.You’ll always find them showing off their luxury cars and bragging about their fancy watches. And admit it, we all hate them!


10. The Party Animals :


And yes, the party animals, you’ll hardly find them in college. You’ll always hear them say “yaar, Jamia kitta boring hai, JNU ki night life kitti sahi hai”, they’ll always ask you to join.


11. The Senti Ones :


They put up emotional status updates about their relationships, listening to Imran Khan’s “Bewaffa” and crying.


12. The Models :

Ever came across  Psychology and English hons ki ladkiya? For these divas, life is a fashion show and every week is a Fashion week.


13. The Wannabe Politicians :


They’ll actively be involved in every political issues surrounding the campus, shouting slogans, putting up posters, organizing rallies, etc.


14. The Drama Queens :

They are by far, the loudest people on the campus. You can always find them screaming once they happen to see lizards or even the cute puppies outside the economics department.


15. The Hostelers :


You’ll always find them complaining about their fellow roommates and crying over the not so tasty food provided in the hostels.


16. The Bookworms :


They’ll always have course books under their arms, in their bags, on their tables. You can always find them in the reading halls or near the xerox point.


17. The Over excited ones :

They are very excited. They want to do everything, meet everyone and hang out at 6 different places at the same time.


18. The Social Workers :

Jamia is blessed with very active NSS volunteers. You will always get to hear NSS volunteers did this and that and blah blah!!


19. The I-Dont-Know-What-I-Am-Doing-Here types :

They’ll always complain and never be satisfied with what Jamia is offering. They’ll always regret coming to Jamia.You can try to comfort them, but they’ll just go back to how they were before you counselled them.


20. The Sanskaris :

They’re against smoking, drinking, partying and night outs. Alok Nath would be so proud of them!!


21. The anti sanskaris :

They break the rules and give a damn to what people think about them. #antisanskariswagalltheway!


22. The Bunkers :

Despite the rule of having a 75% attendance, you’ll find these people fearlessly break the rule. You only get to see them 3 or 4 times a year.


23. The Introverts :

You will find them all alone, roaming alone in the entire campus!



Which kind are you?


  1. And you forgot to mention about the one more type of people who always having their drafter and sheet container. Our jamia diplomchees.


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