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20 things that we Indians do easily but Americans can’t


With worlds highest variety of population all cramped in a relatively small space i think we Indians have super tolerance to difference of opinion and culture. India is a country with worlds largest democracy. Here are some points that i would like to share illustrating 20 things that we the people of India do easily but any other country don’t / can’t do:


World should learn the marketing tactics from Indians and specifically Indian women .. everyone could easily hear the most common phrase in the market,“5 rupaye ki cheez 10 rupaye mein? Bhaiya, sahi rate batao!”  And the shopkeeper won’t even mind! Indian’s are the best negotiators or bargainers. They are incredibly good at going emotions, very comfortable with numbers and know how to up sell until the cows come home.

For example when I asked how much this hoodie was, the shop owner said, “2000rs”. I instantly replied, “50rs”.
He laughs and says, “no way”.
I reply, “100rs”.
He says, “1000rs”.
I reply, “200rs”.
He says, “800rs”.
I reply, “300rs”.
He says, “700rs”.
At this point I say, “too much” and start to leave the shop.
He freaks out and says, “500rs sir! this is best price, I have wife and baby at home”.
While standing at the door of the shop I say “400rs is my best price” and start to move away.
He comes running and says “okay deal”.
This is a true example that illustrates the whole thing very clearly.

2) Whistle and Claps in Movie Theater :

It’s truly joy for us. Does any other country follow it? No because,we are Joyful and Cheerful people. Even if movie is boring, we Indians know how to make it  interesting with group of friends and many of us do it. Aren’t we?

  • We hear whistle while watching movies but that doesn’t happen anywhere besides our country.
  • Whistling with a particular frequency and amplitude defines a purpose also.

3)Eat “masaledar” spicy food:

Whether it’s our food or our lives, we need a little bit of spice to keep things interesting


Be it bad roads,

or Power cuts,

We do whine about it a lot but never complain to the concerned authority.
We do not complain because we are quite confident that our voices will not be heard.
So, Our life just goes on despite all these poor services.

Reminds me of a dialogue from the movie ‘ a wednesday’,
“Hum bahut jaldi used-to ho jaate hain”
We, very easily, get used-to things.

5)Cooking Masaledar and Delicious Food :

Indians can cook awesome food easily in no time compare to any other. Our mothers can cook food faster and delicious when we compare this to any 5 star restaurant’s certified cook.


6)Playing Game without Equipments :

*Volleyball without Net –  We have handmade line or sign to part 2 different teams.

*Cricket without stumps : We do play gully cricket. Indian version of Cricket with own rules and equipments  :p


7)Respect our elders, known or unknown:

I’m not saying Americans don’t respect elders. It’s just that you won’t find Indians calling their elders by their first name now, will you?

*We use the word ‘aap’ for our elders while americans have only one word ‘you’.

*Westerners shake hands, however,  our greeting with ‘namaste’ (na-mas-TAY) (placing both hands together with a slight bow) is appreciated and shows respect for Indian customs.


8)Live with our parents for as long as we like:

We hold on to our families forever without any societal pressures of leaving home after turning 18. even after one has started earning, married, had kids is the way of life here. Now this is also something the westerners can never do. They insist on having a private life for themselves and also giving privacy to their parents. We say the parents playing and whiling away time with their grand children and watching their sons/daughters live the life they dreamt for them, right in front of their eyes gives multitudes of bliss and happiness than privacy.


9)Arranged marriage:

Now this is something totally ridiculous and alien to almost every country other than a very very few. The idea of marrying a strange man/woman is something unimaginable for them. They will be like ” JESUS ….WHAT THE HELL”  but we have been living with this culture for decades .The best way to understand the reasoning behind such cultures is to put aside your own beliefs, opinions, and preconceived ideas in order to see more clearly before dismissing it as wrong. While it may not be for all and love marriages in India are not unheard of or a rare sighting by any means…arranged marriages aren’t necessarily a bad thing either!


10)Eat with our bare hands:

We Indians love to eat food with our bare hands! Not most of the countries do this, instead for their lunch/dinners they keep an entire set of spoons, forks, knives, napkins, etc. When we (Indians) know it’s food time, we just go dig in. We don’t mind washing our hands too.Of course, we know how to use spoons and forks, even chopsticks for that matter. But maa ke haath ka khaana is best consumed like this.


11)Attend long, late-night weddings and baraats:

 Without letting the energy level drop, we’re up and running throughout! the late-night wedding celebrations.


12)Celebrate national holidays almost every month:

No wonder we have the most number of public holidays according to a survey done by Mercer LLC! On counting festivals being celebrated in India, we get too much of free time. And the best thing about these celebrations, is that it is Celebration of Humanity, Celebrating this diversified culture we are blessed with the immense harmony that lies between hearts that are beyond cultural and regional differences.


13)Find a jugaad for anything and everything:

I am not talking about jugaad made by farmers… I am talking about our ethical engineering alternatives to the solutions given by west. We have been able to make such cost effective alternatives, that would not be believed.

Is ghadi ka time kharaab tha… !!

This playboy has better option of locking the doors

14) Go gaga over dhinchak bollywood tracks:

Hollywood movies are amazing but a bollywood movie is not a movie without couple of latke-jhatkes here and there?


15) We are Real ‘Khatro ke Khiladi’:

Indian Electricians can climb up the pole without safety gears. The Americans can’t even think of this kind of daring act in their nightmare.


16) Master of Overloading: 

Can’t say about traffic rules but these Indian parents care too much about family sometimes even more than their own life.I am damn sure only Indian Men can do this. We are the masters when it comes to overloading two wheeler with 5,6 people. This is an really good art which requires supreme talent and concentration.



17)One thing that all Indians are good at since their birth is ‘Adjustment’:


18)Giving free advice to anyone:

 Giving free advice to people even though they are not interested or do not want some advice. We Indians just love giving everyone some advice or so. The best advice is given when INDIAN team is playing cricket.In every house where the cricket match is being watched you will see people giving advice.


Abey kohli ko aage aakr marna chaiye, pull shot marna chaiye, Rohit Bahot slow khel raha hein, backfoot pr khelna chaiye, Ishant ko kyu khilate hein, usko bowling krna hi nahi aata, Bhuvi ko 1st over dena chaiye and all such idiotic crap.

But it actually motivates everyone and without these free and unnecessary advice there is no enjoyment in watching cricket.

19)The Missed Call Phenomenon:

“Give me a missed call before leaving the house.” Sounds familiar isn’t ?

Not only this,  below is the list of reasons why we Indian always love it –

1.  To Convey a short message

One ring means,  I just reached home.

Two rings means, I had Dinner as well .

Three rings  means please take the call there’s something urgent to talk about.

2.  Requesting a call back – Mostly girls give missed call to their boyfriends which mean “Main free hoon, call karo”.

3. To support your favorite Jodi or contestant on a reality show –You can vote your favorite contestant by giving missed call. So, start voting now and make your favorite constant won the “XYZ show” as voting lines are open till 10 PM only.

4. To save a number in phone-book – Give me a missed call, I will save your number which we never do usually.

20)Blind faith:

Last but not the least we Indians tend to believe in stuff circulated over WhatsApp very easily. Many of us don’t even apply slightest of logic if there is a message that says of bringing fortune to them. This message, for example, was being circulated all over this February..

यह फरवरी आपके जीवन कभी नहीं आ सकता दुबारा क्योंकि इस साल फरवरी में चार रविवार, चार सोमवार, चार मंगलवार, चार बुधवार, चार बृहस्पतिवार, चार शुक्रवार, चार शनिवार. यह प्रत्येक 823 साल में एक बार होता है। यह धन की पोटली कहलाता है। इसलिए कम से कम पाँच लोगों को या पाँच ग्रुप में भेजें और पैसा चार दिन में आयेगा। चाॅयनिज फेंगशुई पर आधारित है। पढ़ने के 1 1 मिनट के अंदर भेजें
Every February except leap year have 4 week days. But we people just try not to miss a single chance of gaining luck whether it is from liking God’ s images on Facebook or forwarding messages like above.


And yeah, even after pointing out these traits of India and Indians (which country/race doesn’t have!), I AM STILL A VERY IMMENSELY PROUD INDIAN.

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