20 Hottest Women In The World – List By Topcount


When you ask most men the difference between beauty and hotness, there are a lot of answers you may come across. Yet there is this one certain image that suits the hot women. The hot women are not only beautiful and attractive in every way possible but also come with brains and sheer power in their personality. There are quite some women who match this definition, yet some of the top hottest women in the world that have been able to rule the world with their hotness are mentioned in the list here under.

The 20 hottest women in the world:

Amongst a lot of hot women, the top 20 that cannot be given a miss on this list are-

Jessica Alba:


When speaking of hot women, there is no list in the world that can ever miss out on mentioning the name of Jessica Alba. Not only is she a beautiful woman with a beautiful face but is also one of the sexiest of the lot. Her recognition as one of the leading female actresses in Hollywood, a best- selling author and the proud and competent mother of two, contributes heavily, into making her one of the hottest women in the world.

Monica Bellucci:


There is a category called Hot, and then there is hotter, and then there is the hottest. But, Monica Bellucci sets all new standards for hot women. Bellucci of Italian origin is one of the most celebrated supermodels coming from the land of good looking people, Italy. She is also a much-appreciated actor and has bagged a few promising roles in films like Spectre.

Selena Gomez:

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The present generation has been competent enough to provide the world with some of the most noticeable young celebs. One such young celebrity who at the mere age of 21 is rocking the world with her music, acting skills, modelling career, as well as media presence is Selena Gomez. She surely deserved a place on this list.

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Arianny Celeste:


Also recognised by the name of Penelope Lopez, Arianny Celeste has been able to create quite a stir in Hollywood with her stunning looks and uber hot appearances. She is a much-appreciated swimsuit model and is popularly known as the UFC Ring Girl, throughout the United States of America.

Taylor Swift:


Who does not love, Taylor Swift? Well, we all do. With her music often topping the music charts, there is no surprise that she too aces on this list of the 20 hottest women in the world. Not only has she been noticed as one of the most gifted musicians and liberated speakers but is also one of the hottest women in the limelight right now.

Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez

When speaking of hotness, there is scarcely a mind that will not recall the beauty that Jennifer Lopez is. She has not only bagged brilliant reviews for her musical and acting skills but, is also appreciated for her branding strategies and keen business mind.

Eva Mendes:

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has a fairytale of a career. She has raised herself from B-rated horror movies to leading roles in a well reviewed Hollywood movies. She is without one of the hottest actresses that Hollywood puts on their screens.

Ashleigh Sudholz:


Though Ashleigh is not as popular as JLo or Jessica Alba, yet she has made quite a name as a popular swimsuit model from Australia. She has everything that can help term her as one of the hottest models and is someone to look out for, as far as a Hollywood entry is concerned.

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Aishwarya Rai:


In case that you are looking for a list of the hottest women in the world that does not feature Aishwarya Rai, and then you can be sure to taste failure. This Miss World (1994) is without a doubt one of the most popular celebrities both in Bollywood and in Hollywood. If her looks were not enough, her eyes could surely kill.


Jennifer Aniston:


Whether you are a fan of the Hunger games or not, there is not a chance in the world that you have not heard her name. This Kentucky native has gained much fame ever since her appearance on the silver screen as a promising actor and one of the hottest women in the world.

Lupita Nyong’o


Poised, elegant and hot, all these words are good enough to introduce Lupita Nyong’o. But her praises do not stop here. She is also one of the most hyped female actors, post her brilliant performance in Twelve Years a Slave.

Megan Fox:


Even though most people are limited by the knowledge of her appearances in the Fast and the Durious Franchise, yet she is one of the most recognised and celebrated actors of her generation. Hot is almost a synonym to Megan Fox.



Shakira is one talented woman. If her bold latina moves and breathtaking vocal skills were not enough, her contribution to the society is also something that deserves mentions. She is a pretty face in pictures and a head boggling performer on the stage.

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Bar Paly:


With over 20 movies to her credit and innumerable ad films to her name, this Israeli model cum actress is surely one of the hottest women on this list.

Haifa Wehbe:


Actress, Singer, Haifa is a whole package of hotness and one of the most attractive Lebanese women you have every laid eye on.

Georgia Salpa:


Georgia Salpa has the ability transfix anyone and everyone with her sheer powerful looks and deserves a well-deserved spot on this list.

Penelope Cruz:

Penelope Cruz

I doubt whether there is a single person who has not been captivated by the sheer beauty of Penelope Cruz. This actress is not only a very beautiful face but also one of the smartest minds around.

Naomi Campbell:


Naomi is a well-known name in the US and has quite the reputation as one of the 5 original supermodels of all times.

Emma Watson:


You might have known her as the frizzy-haired Hermoine, all your life, but she has sure grown up to be one attractive woman and surely is deserving enough to hold her place amongst the 20 hottest women in the world.

Kerry Washington:

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One of the most celebrated award-winning actresses in Hollywood and an LGBT rights advocate, Kerry Washington can have most hypnotised by her non worked for, genuine hotness.