20 Hot Properties In Mumbai


Housing has become a popular trend in the recent years and there are some exclusive residential complexes that you can experience in Mumbai. This grand city brings you a lot of surprises when it comes to real estate and you will like these giant properties. Here are twenty of the largest properties in Mumbai that you need to note.

Man Residences


This is a high class luxurious residential building in Nerul and you will like the ambience of the place. The prices start from 1.71 crores and there is absolute luxury all around the place. It comes to you with 3 BKH flats customised to your preferences.

Bajaj Towers

This is another attraction of the city of Mumbai. You will find 4BKH flats at 3.01 crores and this too is full of luxury. There are vacancies in the fourteenth and fifteenth floors and you will really like the place. The comfort is also an aspect you need to watch out when you land up here.


Independent House


This house is in Belapur and is marked by the fully furnished rooms that will welcome you when you buy it. The price is 5.8 crores and there are as many as five bedrooms in the mansion. The stylish furniture is all you need to lookout for here.


Balaji Towers

There are three bedrooms in the flats of this complex. The price is fixed at 1.71 crores and the person who buys it will be benefitted indeed as one can get a good view of the sea from this building.


Ellora cascade

This is one of the most luxurious properties in Mumbai. It is spacious, a whopping 7000 square feet property and there are gardens and places to keep the cars in the own complex. The location is good and this is an exotic residence indeed, priced at 8 crores.

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Mermaid Tower _l 

Located in Belapur, this is one of the most beautiful towers, rich in heritage. It has Victorian paintings and murals inside it and true indeed, the essence of living in such a place is really a grand one. There are all the modern facilities and features in the house.


Parsik Hill

Priced at 10.3 crores, you can get the best view of the sea from this house. The location is near Belapur and one will really enjoy the place. The place is also located near the hills and is one of the most luxurious places in Mumbai.


Independent House, 12 bedrooms


This is a large house with as many as twelve bedrooms in Belapur. Located near the sea, one can see the beautiful view at any time in the day. The price is 15 crores and one will really enjoy it.


Everest Tower


This is comparatively low priced, at 1 crore. There are two bed rooms and gardens around the house. You will also enjoy the good location of the place. The place is located in the heart of nature in Belapur. The touch of greenery will charm your senses.


Residential Plot in CDB Belapur


This is a 224 square metre flat in Sector 26 in Belapur, facing the street which is 20 feet wide. It is priced at 2.05 crores and has beautiful looks and designs.


C Teja Signature


This is a 4 BKH flat locater in Mumbai, with 2630 square feet residential area. The rooms are spacious and there is enough flow of air to keep the rooms well circulated.

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Bungalow at Belapur


This is a massive Bungalow with nine bedrooms and priced at 21 crores at Belapur. The beauty of the place is elegant.

C Teja Signature, Belapur 

This is another elegant looking residential area and it is priced at 1.5 crores. The rooms are spacious and furnished and have been designed in an innovative way. You will enjoy a lot of luxury once you get into the rooms and the spacious apartment is really a treat to live in.

C Teja Signature bungalow

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This is a massive construction with seven bedrooms and priced at 20 crores. There is a lot of elegance in the construction and one will find all the modern features of a building here.

NRI Phase Society


This is located near the sea and you will definitely enjoy the view. The property is priced at 3 crores and is accessible from the main road easily. The price is lower in comparison to the location.


Akshar El Castillo society Bajaj-international-realty-bajaj-emerald-Andheri-East

Priced at 25 crores, this is one of the most royal properties in Mumbai. It has a massive plot of 12000 square feet and is really a grand place to live in. Massive rooms and giant constructions are the key features of the house.

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This is a 2.15 crore 3 BKH flat in Sea woods and there is a lot of room for the touch of nature. The beautiful look of the nature is waiting to welcome the people once they move to the new location.

Bungalow in Juhu

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This is a giant bungalow located in Juhu and is built on a plot of 10000 square feet. It is priced at 30 crores and is really a good place to shift to. It has three bedrooms and a lot of space to move about.

Shelton VistaBalaji-Towers-CHS-0-Sanpada-Navi-Mumbai

Located in Nerul, this is a two bedroom residential complex and is priced at 1.45 crores. The rooms are spacious and the rooms are super-furnished and totally air-conditioned.

Man Residences, Nerul  This is a 2 BKH flat in Nerul and there is a lot of elegance and luxury in the place. The area is about 1199 square feet and there are a lot to rejoice when one moves into the property.

So, if you are planning to move to a royal residence, you may look into the portal to check out any of these properties in Mumbai. The elegance of the massive residential areas has no comparison and the feelings of residing in these exotic places are unmatched. Get in touch with these complexes to live up to the passion of housing.