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20 favorite Fitness Health sites


Fitness is the key element in keeping yourself healthy. Health can prosper only if you are keeping yourself fit and fine to face all the challenges of the world. Today’s life has become robust and fast to say the least and hence it has become vital to keeping up with it.

Adulteration is also on the rise and consumption of fast food has never been greater. Hence, eating healthy has becoming difficult. Everyone is always busy with work and social elements of life and it is quite obvious that many ignore the requirements of keeping fit.

Knowledge is the key, and many people just lose out because they lack it. However, if you are clever, then you can use up the powers of the internet.

This is where many websites come in handy. These websites and some blogs also are a great way to know about everything that can keep you fit. These websites have been designed in such a way that one can easily get health and fitness tips right with a single mouse click. And, on the contrary to the many thoughts, even you can maintain a good diet and have a healthy lifestyle without going to a dietician or the gym.  

So, today, for your benefit, we are going to view some of these websites. The websites that we are going to discuss are all related to health and fitness, and they are there to serve the people and keen followers. Over these pages, you will find content, blogs, videos and also samples of how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 You also have to note that the list has been done as per the reviews of these websites. And, this is not a ranking list. So, here we go the top 20 favorite Fitness/Health sites;

  1. Website:

Yahoo.Com’s health page

Just like yahoo news, it is a very accomplished website. You can find topics here like how to keep yourself fit, healthy and how to stay away from diseases and illnesses. You can also find topics relevant to usage of drugs and medicines.  

  1. Website:


As the name suggests, it is a very popular website to get and extract information and data about fitness, healthy living and lifestyle.

  1. Website:


Do not go by the name, this website is very informative about all health related topics. You can find topics related to wrongly done diagnosis and also how to keep your fitness and health levels.  

  1. Website:


This website is one of the most reputed websites of the health world; the page gives you information about fit and healthy living.

  1. Website:


If you ever want to know what types of medicines you need and what drugs to take then this is the best website. You can also find a repertoire of drug names and variants over the website.

  1. Website:


This is a not for profit website, and that is why it is very popular amongst all professionals and patients. The website also has a search bar that can help you to get the best search results on everything that is medical.

  1. Website:


If you are looking for a very reliable source in the niche of medical and health tips, then WebMD is your answer. Over the website, you can easily find news, view, reviews, suggestions and others things about the health and the medical world. The website also has an online community where even you can participate.

  1. Website:

National institute of health website; nih.gov

If you ever want some official looking suggestions, then you can use this US government’s health website. The website is rated as one of the top most health websites in the world, and it is also preferred by many professionals in the medical field because of its accuracy of the information.

  1. Website:


Even doctors and people from the medical background and professional use this website and give their feedbacks. This is one of the most popular pages on the internet that concentrates on health and how to keep a human body fit.

  1. Website


This is the ultimate website if you want tips on how to look young, healthy and agile. The website is also devoted to giving information about diets and sleep remedies.  

  1. Website:


This is again a Google type medical search engine website. You can find various types of medical and health answers on the page.

  1. Website


You can find data here about various diseases and illnesses. For example on the page you can get information about cancer problems, disorders and other relevant topics. The website also doubles up as a fitness tips giving websites.  

  1. Website:


Here you can find the rankings of various doctors, nursing homes and hospital, etc. You can use this website to plan your health care meticulously.

  1. Website:


This website is devoted to giving out right and convenient information about drugs and their effects and side effects. You can also find drug interaction reports too on the website.  

  1. Website:


Made especially for the AAFP, the website is very genuine about giving top quality information for various health issues and its domains.

  1. Website:


You can access this website in order to get data about health savings and other relevant factors about healthy living.

  1. Website:


You can get various types of relevant health and fitness related information on this website. The website is full of fitness, diet and healthy recipes, health, weight loss, nutrition, and diet information.  

  1. Website:


Get all relevant news and updates from this website regarding staying strong, healthy and fit. You can also get an approved health based encyclopaedia over the website.  

  1. Website:


Over this website, patients, professionals, and others can easily interact with one another.

Hence, because of this everyone can share their views and opinions.

  1. Website:


If you need expert advice, treatment advice, or any other relevant professional medical and fitness help, then this website can be very helpful for you.


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