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20 facts you really need to know!


Internet is full of stuff to read and we come across random stuff everyday. Some of it is just for fun and some is our actual work. Here I will tell you facts you probably haven’t heard of before! So enjoy the read because you will be amazed.

  1. Do you bang your head on the wall? If yes, then congratulations! You are burning 150 calories, though don’t bang it too hard you know. I-Did-Not-Know-That
  2. When a feather is brushed against your skin, what do you feel? Ticklish, I guess? Well, some people have this fear of being tickled by feathers! It’s called Pteronophobia. 
  3. And there is a fear of fun too! It’s called Cherophobia. 
  4. If someone yelled ‘murder’, what would you do? Run? Call the police? Well, perhaps you should check first. They might just be referring to a flock of crows. Yep, they are called that! 
  5. Ever wondered about the Sun? It’s really hot, right? Well the center of the Earth has the same temperature! 10,380° F.
  6. If you go as fast as the Earth, you will reach the moon in 3.5 hours. Convenient, right?! 
  7. A crocodile can’t stick out it’s tongue. But please don’t set out to see it for yourself!
  8. Koalas sleep 20 hours a day. Makes you want to be a Koala, right? 
  9. Penguins used to fly, but they lost the ability about 162 million years ago. Sad.
  10. Talking about penguins, a polar bear can eat 86 penguins at once. Not a good place for penguins to be around.
  11. Also, Northern hemisphere doesn’t have penguins. 
  12. Twitter, facebook and skype are banned in China. What to the people do?!
  13. There are 20 percent of the entire planet’s oil and natural gas deposits in the Arctic which haven’t been discovered yet!
  14. The milky way galaxy will merge with the Andromeda galaxy in about 4 billion years. The merging process will take atleast 100 million years. The result will be Milkomeda, an ellipsoidal galaxy. 
  15. The oldest known recipe for bear is 4000 years old. It was made by the Sumerians. 
  16. Women also orgasm when they are dreaming!
  17. We all cry while peeling onions. Well, if you don’t want that to happen then start chewing gum whenever you peel an onion. You will not cry anymore!
  18. The first Ronald McDonald was Weatherman Willard Scott.
  19. We all are afraid of scorpions, right? Well, they too sting themselves and die, that is, if you put a drop of liquor on them. (I for sure did NOT know this one) 
  20. Whenever bats exit a cave, they always (ALWAYS) turn left!

So here’s a list of 20 random things you people definitely did NOT know before.



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