20 Amazing Kids Speak Out on Religion


What does religion really mean to you ? If you are confused with the word religion check out these Amazing kids who defines religion.

India is country where lots of religions stay together hence it has seen many violent clashes between different communities in the name of religion and it has also seen many communities fighting united for the development of the society.

In this video some Indian kids were asked what religion means to them and the answers given by these kids will make you think that future generation is in safe hands.

Kids speak on religion

what our parent teach us in religion

only god must know

Respect to the Gods

what is your religion

i dont have any religion

any difference from yourself?

No there is no difference

They are like my brothers

different languages from ours

Different imaginations of god

purpose does religion serve?

religion was made by man, not god

religion is not necessary

everyone would be simple if there was no religion

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