2 Ways of Entering Canada When You’ve Been Charged With DUI


Some criminal offenses follow us despite the completion of the sentence. One such criminal activity is driving drunk or driving under the influence. If you have ever been charged with driving under the influence law then entering Canada cannot be easy for you. You may be waived for the entry on the national boundaries and you’ll become ineligible for just about all Canadian Migrants programs.

I know that most of the people who are looking over this want to know the fastest way to enter Canada with a DUI. Well, I must tell you that how it is possible, but don’t forget that it is difficult too.

2 Ways of Entering Canada When You've Been Charged With DUI

Entering Canada with DUI usually requires special authorizations, and for obtaining those authorizations, you will need to complete intricate legal methods. You need to take the assistance of a legal expert before starting any of these procedures.

There are a couple of authorized possibilities open to you for DUI in Canada:

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The Short-Lived Option Of TRP

The first choice is a little easier as compared to the second one as it’s a short-term solution. You can easily get a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) for entering the Canada.

This particular permit will help you to stay in Canada for short time if you have a sound reason for your visit. This solution also works great for those who are not yet ready for the permanent solution of Criminal Rehabilitation. On the other hand, keep in mind that getting TRP takes a bit of time, which means you should apply far ahead of time before any date of the journey.

2 Ways of Entering Canada When You've Been Charged With DUI

The Office of Canadian Citizenship and Immigration law also recommends people that those who have been charged with a criminal offense may not be capable of getting a waiver to enter the country for visit purposes. Their laws and regulations require at least 5 years to pass before you make an application for pardon.

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The Long-Term Option of Felony Rehabilitation

In this process, the traveler requests Immigration Regulators to pardon his/her DUI sentence. Not like the short-lived option of TRP, this solution gives complete reassurance because it does not require renewal.

On the other hand, getting this authorization is even more difficult. The biggest challenge which comes in getting this authorization is eligibility standards. To become entitled to Criminal Rehabilitation, five years must have passed since completion of the sentence. This means all the problems that were charged to you such as fine, probation, traveling prohibition, local community service and so forth should have been completed five years before submitting the application.

Only then you will have the capacity to make an application for Criminal Rehabilitation. If you are qualified to receive this authorization then it is good, or else you will need to submit an application for TRP.

However, before beginning with any of these procedures do not forget to take the guidance of an Immigration Attorney because these two procedures are complicated enough for an individual who has never handled such problems. If you take help from a legal expert, you will be able to complete this process in a much easier way.