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2 Tollywood heroes from a family set to fight for Sankranthi 2016 Box Office-Biggest fight ever- who will win?


Telugu industry is probably the only industry in the country where the “families” rule. It has seen a very less new comers who don’t have any cine background. Many people in industry comment that the entire film industry is under the grip of 4 families and they are only being benefited with whatever is coming. But one has to remember that the current generation heroes though they are being branded and introduced as thespian successor they have their own set of talent. The Big family image might work only for two or three films, later on it is the actual caliber of the hero which would help in crowd pulling. We have many such heroes in the industry who are exceptionally talented and branding themselves with their hard work. Interesting fact is though the young heroes are giving their best still some second generation heroes are showing their marks and giving tough competition to the younger heroes. The most interesting thing is that this being from same families. One of such conflict is being occurred coming Sankranthi. Lets have a quick round up of the issue

2 heroes from same family – No one is ready to leave the race 

One of the most prominent times for Telugu film industry is Sankranthi season. This season is very important because all people will be re united and as the crops were sold every village will be full on joy. The schools will be declared holidays too so this is considered as the best time for a movie release. Every year the speculation for sankranthi release will begin before 4 months in the industry. This time a very interesting fight is going to take place between the heroes of same family. The fight is between the Nandamuri heroes Balakrishna and Jr NTR. Nandamuri family is the most devoted family in the industry.Well, Balakrishna is all set to enter into the race on 15th of January with his new movie Dictator and Jr NTR is ready with his new flick “Nannaku Prematho” on 8th january. Both heroes are struggling and working hard to finish their movies and release them for sankranthi

Confused fans not happy with the fight 

As this could be a really good news for fans as their two heroes are coming in a week span but their version of thinking is different. Things between Balakrishna and Jr NTR are not going good from past. If both of the films does well at the box office then it would be great but if either of them turn out to be a flop then the relations will worse more. This is giving them nightmares.

200 crore business guaranteed

The buyers and distributors version is quiet different. They are very much interested in this fight and already many were approaching with fancy figures to rope in the rights. The trade analysts are keenly observing the trend and they are sure that these two films might do well at the box office as both heroes are giving their best and badly need a hit. It is confirmed that only these two heroes will be fighting at the box office coming sankranthi so guys lets sit back and enjoy the show.




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