2 Terrorists were Syrian Refugees and 5 were French Citizens – Shocking Video of ISIS Threatening France after Paris Attack


ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has declared that they are the sole responsible for the Paris attacks, they have mentioned that this attack is just a beginning and if France still goes on attacking on their camps they will make blood flow in Paris. France President Hollande has also countered them by stating that they will take revenge on ISIS without any mercy. He also proclaimed that this act is nothing less to declaring a war on France. Countries like Germany, Italy in the European cluster has already backed France decision and said that they will extend their support. According to some sources France has already started their plan executions to eradicate the terrorism.

At least 2 attackers are Syrian Refugees 

In the investigation carried out for the attackers origin some shocking facts came into picture. The passports which were found with the attackers dead body are of Syrian who has passed the Greece borders. Now new tremors and discussions were taking on the refugee camps and campaign. Seems like France has started to regret the decision of allowing the refugees into their borders. Officers are suspecting that many ISIS terrorists would have entered their borders in the mask of refugees. Now the other countries like Germany and Italy have started investigation on refugees just to make sure that terrorists haven’t entered into their country.

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5 attackers are French citizens – France has highest number of Muslims in EU

France is the only country in EU which has most number of Muslims. France has given equal rights and amended that religion shouldn’t be a par or metric for anything in the country. But still many muslims feel that they were being deprived even though they were living in the country from long back. Even in the jails the prisoners in the were 80% muslims which has given a much negative impact on the government.  This feeling is mainly influencing the youth towards ISIS. It is reported that many French has visited Syria in recent years to join or to inquire about ISIS. Five attackers in the Paris attack were reported to be French citizens and the reasons for them joining ISIS is unknown. The people who were survived from the attacks said that those people were shouting ISIS when they put themselves to death.

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Why does ISIS targeted France ?

It is well known fact that the northern African countries are once under French rule. Many people have settled in those countries from France. France has been giving financial aid and support to those countries whenever needed. There were more than 10,000 France soldiers were deployed in Maali, Iraq and Libya countries to attack on ISIS. Just a week back it has also deployed a aircraft vessel near the persian gulf. The attack was planned on a higher notch to attack on the ISIS. This has given ISIS to show its anger on France. ISIS has almost lost its grip in Iraq due to the repeated attacks of France and Russia. So to get back its glory ISIS has attacked on Paris.

Well, it is time for all the countries to unite and fight against the terrorism.