16 Year Sail Around The World


16 year sails around the world, Not Amusing?? Yes.
Threatening enough, actually an activity at risk of your life.
Now this story is about Abby Sunderland, who dreams about sailing all around the world from her childhood. Actually Sunderland family has the history of its own in the sector of sailing, all because of two people from that family had hold the record of being the youngest to sail around the world. So as parents why would not will you allow your 3rd children to go on sale and bring the record back, surely you will, Right? Actually it served as a passion for Abby to sail.
But all this perception and Abby was left to “Next to death” situation, With just 6 months done and high waves all around, but surviving such a precarious situation there have been various issues that have arrived The issues are presented below-
1) The tendency of children at an early age to dream different each and every day in that very period
2) Parents putting on a line as a limit to follow their passion, as say the passion should not be life threatening
3) If parents don’t allow their children’s passion to grow up, they would not take much interest in life actually they might not work hard that much
4) When passion with name and fame collides, there are some people who intervene and try to put a hindrance on the way of those passionate people
The maturity in children’s mentality increases with increase in age, But after certain age they finally set their passion, they dream day and night what they want to do and if parents see their dream as life threatening, they have the right to put on the limits because they love their children more than their dreams , they meant life to them; And if that children is obsessed to his/her dream to the highest level, the parents must not be an hindrance on their path because if they are not allowed to follow their passion, they may lose the interest in their life ,might be they may not work harder as such. And now in the society we live as such there is at least a group who intervenes in one’s personal life or a personal situation, all this happens when that passionate people has the passion or doing well in that passion which will create name and fame for his/her in the future.
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