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15 Scariest Bridges You Must See To Believe


These are the most breath-taking bridges in various  sizes, and heights. These places  guarantee to get your heart racing with a great sense of adventure. Probably, they are the Scariest Bridges in the world.

Pack Your Bags to visit the Top 15  Scariest Bridges :

1.Aiguille du Midi Bridge 

situated in France

 12,605 feet above the sea level.


Considered as one of the most dangerous hanging bridge of the world. It is normally said not to look down while crossing this bridge as this will increase your heart beat. Good thing about this bridge is that it is short in distance. Those persons, who have the problem of acrophobia, can also visit this bridge. The bridge is exactly situated at the summit of Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc massif near Chamonix.

2.Langkawi Sky Bridge

situated in Malaysia

 125-metre (410 ft) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge suspended at 700 meters above sea level,

This bridge, located at the Gunung Mat Cincang peak, can only be accessed by cable car. It hangs suspended some which is amazing considering that the bridge had to be built wholly on the ground before being lifted to its current place by helicopter!

3.Royal Gorge Bridge

situated in Colorado

   1,260 feet (384 m) long and 18 feet (5.5 m) wide, with a wooden walkway with 1292 planks

This is considered as America’s highest suspension bridge constructed over the Arkansas River. This bridge was completed in 1929, and till 1982, this suspension bridge did not have stabilizing wind cables. It is advisable for those who are scared of heights not to go this bridge.

4.Trift Suspension Bridge

situated in Switzerland

 170 metres (560 ft) at a height of 100 metres (330 ft)

This is also considered as one of the most dangerous suspension bridge of the world. This suspension bridge is exactly situated at Trift Glacier, near the town of Gadmen in the Swiss Alps. It is one of the Alps’ longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges. It was constructed and completed in 2004 in order to reconnect hikers to a hut which was made inaccessible by a retreating glacier. In 2009, stabilizing cables were installed to this bridge in order to prevent it from swinging violently in wind.

5.Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

situated in Northern Ireland

 20 metres (66 ft) and is 30 metres (98 ft) above the rocks below

This bridge is exactly situated at near Ballintoy in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland. This bridge is even more scarier. Different types of research studies tell us about this bridge that nobody has fallen off this bridge. These research studies also suggest that visitors who walk across, they cannot return and have to go by boat.

6.Capilano Suspension Bridge

situated in Canada

 450 feet long and 230 feet high

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is situated in North Vancouver, British Columbia, across the Capilano River. This is also considered as one of the most dangerous suspension or hanging bridges of the world. This bridge was originally built in 1889. This suspension bridge is surrounded by an evergreen forest. This suspension bridge is very high, narrow and extremely shaky. Visitors can find different things of interest there.

7.Sidhue River Bridge

situated in China

 spans more than 1,300 meters,1,550 feet above from the surface level

 This bridge is located high above a river George in China. This bridge was opened in 2009 and at that time, it was the world’s highest bridge.This suspended bridge connecting Shanghai and Chendo, and is just part of the long and dangerous mountain pass known as highway Huyu G50. At an astounding height of over 460 meters, this bridge is the highest bridge in the world. This is one of the highest bridges among the world.

8.Deception Pass Bridge

situated in Washington

1,486 feet long and is about 180 feet above the water level

This bridge is located in Deception Pass State Park, Washington. This bridge is also considered as one of the most dangerous bridges of the world. On this bridge, there are different heart touching views of the rushing water directly below from this bridge.

9.Mackinac Bridge

situated in Michigan

8,615 feet, or 2,627 meter

The Mackinac Bridge is the world’s 3rd longest totally suspended bridge. Five workers were killed during the construction of this bridge.

10.Puente de Ojuela

situated in Mexico

1,043 feet long, 2 feet wide and about 360 feet above the sea level

This bridge is situated at the ghost town of Ojuela which is an old mining settlement in the Northern state of Durango, Mexico. It’s dangerous wood floor makes it dangerous to cross. The steel cables are there which have been suspended with the help of two towers. These two towers bring a greater feeling of safety. Previously, German engineers built this bridge and at that time, these towers were made of wood.

11.William Preston Lane Bridge

situated in Maryland

5 miles long and is 186 feet

Many drivers feel hesitation while crossing this bridge as many times, this bridge had been surrounded by severe storms. During bad weather, it becomes difficult to see anything as in this situation the visibility comes to zero.

12.Hussaini Hanging Bridge

situated in Pakistan

635 ft long

This beautiful but dangerous bridge is considered as the beauty of Pakistan. This bridge is situated in the village of Hussaini in Northern Pakistan, crossing to Hunza River. This dangerous requires to rebuilt and reconstruct as it has been destroyed at various places. There is huge gap between the steps of this bridge which makes it more difficult and dangerous to cross. This is considered as one of the world’s most harrowing suspension bridges. It seems quite difficult and horrible to cross this bridge over the rapidly flowing Hunza River. This is one of the highest bridges in Pakistan.

13.Storseisundet Bridge

situated in Norway

260 metres (850 ft) long  with a maximum clearance to the sea of 23 metres (75 ft)

If you enjoy roller-coasters, you’ll absolutely adore this bridge in Norway. Although not really dangerous in any physical sense, this bridge does add an element of adventure to the crossing, owing to its steepness and open nature.

14.Seven Mile Bridge

situated in Florida

7 miles long and 65 feet high

This bridge is situated in Florida and is also considered as another dangerous bridge of the world. This bridge is often surrounded by horrible hurricanes.

15.U Pain Bridge

situated in Myanmar

 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles)  long and 15 feet high

This bridge is also considered as another dangerous bridge of the world. It is located in Mandalay, Myanmar. This bridge has no handrails and this require extra care and caution while crossing this bridge. There are 1,086 wooden posts with roughly four or five feet between each post.



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