15 reasons why Roger Federar is really awesome


The name Roger Federer is quite synonymous with every tennis fan in the world. This 17 times Grand Slam winner (including his historic 7 title wins at the famous Wimbledon) is a favourite of many fans, and he has become a role model for many young players. In fact, not only in tennis, he is regarded as a role model in various other forms of sports.

The Swiss-born champion is indeed a one in a million sportsman, and everybody is always in the awe of this great champion. He is not only a benchmark on the field but also off the field he is an inspiration for many.


His ability to touch human lives is also a very kind aspect of his life, and his philanthropy work as a champion has also been commendable.  

This Swiss maestro has racked up 86 career titles and has coughed up (till date) 92,415,573 US dollars in prize money from all the tournaments he has participated in. But, what makes this man a god? What are the reasons why he is above all? Even at this stage of his career, he is still a force to reckon with. Why is that? Well, to know, we are going to discuss the reasons why Roger Federer is an exceptional tennis player and an even better person. So here go the top 15 reasons why Roger Federer is really awesome;

#1: His ability to judge situations

Be it his numerous Grand Slam wins or any other match. One of the great abilities of Federer is that he can adapt and react to a situation pretty quickly. Take the 2012 Wimbledon final against Andy Murray for example. Federer had lost the first set in a very unholy manner and the second set was dragged into a tie-breaker. However from there, it was all Federer express. His ability to come on top in a tiebreaker, and eventually the match, proved that he is the real deal. Federer can easily understand situations can make changes accordingly; this is one of the biggest events in his game.

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#2: He can stay cool and calm

A good player will shout and muscle his way to a win; however a great player will keep his temper, his anger and his attitude in check. This is why the greats always go far ahead. Like Tiger Woods, Sachin Tendulkar and Michael Schumacher, even this Swiss champion is cool and calm at all times. He lets his tennis racquet do the talking. And, this is why he is a multiple grand slam champion.


#3: He has this ability to delay his shot so that he can take a look

If you believe in Federer’s game, then his ability to wait just that fraction of a second before playing his shots is a major reason why he is so successful today. This extra fraction of a second that he takes allows him to analyze the situation better and make his finishing shot much easier.

#4: His forehand

His forehand is quite famous, and why shouldn’t it be? The man has one of the most prolific forehands in the game.

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#5: Ace master

Federer is also a master of getting aces through his serves. His percentage of getting aces is quite greater than all of his rivals.

#6: The serve itself

Even if his service is not an ace, it can still cause a huge damage to his opponent. Many have in the past failed to pick up his fast and swinging serve, and many will still fail in the future.

#7: His ability to convert most of his first serves

If you can put in a fast and a decent serve on your first try, then you are always going to do well in tennis. Federer has that ability, and he has used it in a very beneficial way.

#8: Great attitude

Federer both on and off the field is quite good with his personal attitude; he has respect for his rivals and also for the on-field umpires. The guy also loves his fans a lot.


#9: His ability to win big rallies

Tennis is all about winning small battles, and this is where Federer is awesome, as he can finish off the big rallies.

#10: His master backhand and chop shot

Not only his forehand, the guy’s backhand and his tremendous chop shot are just exquisite.

#11: His humanly emotional touch

The man is a great champion; however he knows he has worked hard for it. He has come up from the grass roots, and hence he cherishes the victories. This is what makes him a truly great champion.

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#12: His selection of coaches

The father of 2 Federer knows what coaches to take help form, and his association with Paul Annacone was a master stroke in his career. He has always worked with the best in order to improve his overall game.

#13: He has given us fans a great treat

One of the main elements of Federer’s game is that he can make people smile. His game can easily cheer people up, and even his anti-fans love this secretly. That is also a very good reason why many ex-players, pundits and commentators love this great man’s game.

#14: A global ambassador for the game

Tennis is a sport that is seen by many people and hence it has the ability to reach a youngster’s heart. Hence, Federer always does his bit to promote the good with his charisma.

#15: His ability to play a part in great sporting rivalries.

Be it Federer vs. Rafael Nadal, or be it Federer vs. Novak Djokovic or even the currently brimming Federer vs. Murray battle. The Swiss has racked up many rivalries which have entertained us for so long.

However, such is the charisma of the great man that everyone loves him off the field even if they get battered by him on the turf.