15 Downsides of being born a Male in the Indian Society.


Discriminatory attitude towards men and women have existed for generations, affecting the lives of both genders, violating human rights. Though the constitution of India has granted men and women equal rights, gender disparity still remains.

Women have been at a disadvantage, ofcourse! But Indian society has gradually started favoring women and men are often discriminated.

Yes, we live in a country where there is still no recognition of sexual molestation of male, in a country where a man is jailed for adultery and a woman is not even punished for the same, in a country where a woman can jail a man and his entire family just by lodging an FIR. Here is a list to prove it.


1. You are a presumed criminal.

yes i am a man and no i am not going to rape you asking for it slut whore stereotypes rapist

All men are same. Rapist, perverts, eve-teasers, etc!


2. You are a victim of Indian laws.


There is no legal recognition for sexual molestation of men and rarely the police stations lodge an FIR for the same. You are easily threatened by a girl of false dowry or rape allegation for she doesn’t need a proof to put you and your family behind the bars. You are considered guilty by default, unless proven otherwise – in other words, Indian laws have implemented the doctrine of ‘guilty unless proven innocent’ defying the universally practiced doctrines of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

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3. You will often be grilled by your girl’s family about your income.


You will often be asked about the frequency of increment, frequency of promotions, side incomes, next ten years plans on savings, etc.


4. You are a gay if you are sensitive.


“Sharam nai aati, ladkiyo ki tarah ro raha hai”


5. You will be bombarded with highly feminist content everyday.


You will always come across articles where you’ll be blamed for everything wrong. Sadly, the concept of feminism in India has become synonyms with male-bashing!


6. Your problems are least of Media’s concern.


Media is not interested in reporting about abused men or men who committed suicide because of false rape or dowry allegations.


7. You will be poked by your prospective bride for helping her get away.


You will be expected to say NO to the proposal because she doesn’t wants to marry you for she has a boyfriend or she has to pursue her career and take the whole blame on yourself and face your parents because she can’t face hers.


8. You are supposed to earn, no matter what!


This comes from the society. You are a man, if you don’t earn, you don’t deserve to live on this earth.

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9. You don’t have a say in your girl’s job.


You will be criticized if you ask her to work, “Such a gay, he wants his wife to work”, and you will be judged if you ask her quit her job, “Why don’t you get a maid to get your work done?”


10. You will forcefully be given dowry even if you say NO.


Because its for the girl’s family reputation in the society, they have people to answer. And Indian laws ensure that you go to jail if anything ever goes wrong, you’ll be blamed for taking dowry.


11. You are supposed to abandon your parents.


For the sake of equality, because the girl left her parents behind too!


12. You can’t slap a girl, but you can be slapped in public.

You are wrong if a girl slaps you, but you have anger issues if you slap a girl.


13. You don’t have a say in what she wears.


If you feel her way of dressing can invite unwanted attention and trouble and end up telling her to avoid it at certain places or times, you are dead!


14. You are a cheat if you have sex outside marriage, but she can have it, it’s her ‘CHOICE’.

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If a husband commits adultery he will be jailed, but a woman cannot be jailed for the same. She will neither be punished by the courts!


15. You are taught to be a MAN!

An employee counts Indian currency notes at a cash counter inside a bank in Kolkata

You are taught to stand on your feet by early twenties otherwise no father would give his daughter’s hand to you! You are taught to take up tough task and responsibilities. You are made to learn finance very early in the age, so that you can manage the money for your future life. You are the culprit if your family goes through financial crisis because you couldn’t manage it properly. You are required to pick the luggage on every family trip, drop your sister to her friend’s place and pick her up. As you are a ‘MAN’ you must do all this!