15 deadly foods we love to eat


Food lovers all over the world are likely to experiment with different types of food. Even if they do not like them, they need to taste them at least once in a lifetime. However, not all the food that they eat is safe. If you are a lover of food, you need to take some precautions as some of the foods are really poisonous. These may land you in health problems in future. So, you need to know the list of dangerous foods and better avoid them.

American cheese


People like eating this cheese due to the exotic taste. However, you need to know that this is very rich in fat content, and they are not easily digested I the body. It is better to avoid them as much as possible to stay healthy. People have suffered a lot with their health, and so, you need to avoid this despite its thrilling taste.

 Processed meat


You might have thought that this is good for health, but the reality is just the opposite. Processed meat has a lot of chemicals and colours. These are injurious to health and increase the chance of cancer.



Although these are considered to be the substitute of butter due to low-fat content, this is harmful to The main reason behind this is that it increases the level of cholesterol in the body, leading to long-term disorders in the system. It is better to avoid them as much as possible.

Regular soda parabens-1a_custom-c64a9a3f7715ce23d190c5a3ef64bc4fe04f5ed6-s900-c85

Soda water is a popular drink among the people, but if you drink them regularly, the amount of insulin gets increased in the body. An average drink of soda contains around ten teaspoons of sugar, and if you consume them regularly, the amount of sugar gets increased.

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 Diet soda


This even more harmful than the normal soda. The main reason for this is that it contains artificial sweetener, which is several times sweeter than normal sugar. Once this gets accumulated in the body, this causes a lot of complications in the long run.

Conventionally grown apples


You may be a regular consumer of this stuff, but the reality is too harsh to believe. These are treated with a lot of pesticides, and once you start eating them, you indirectly have those pesticides along with your diet. They are really harmful and cause disorders in the digestive system Vomiting and infections in the stomach are the common ailments that follow the consumption of this type of apples regularly. The bad effects keep on accumulating in your system, until one fine day they expose their presence.

Conventionally grown chicken


These are marked with the presence of banned antibiotics, which get inside your body once you consume these chickens on a regular basis. These reduce the power of your immune system and result in weakening of the power of resistance of the body.

Eggs from conventionally grown chicken DSC_9855

These are marked by the same problem as the chicken themselves. They are not as healthy as the normally produced eggs, and although they are large in size, they result in accumulation of harmful substances in the body.

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 Bread baked with potassium bromide bread-wheat-gluten-100927-02

You may think that this is really tasty However, taste must not be the sole lookout of the people. This has a great possibility to cause cancer, and you must be aware of the fact.

Crackers baked in potassium bromide del-foods-you-should-never-eat-13-corn-tortillas

The same case is valid here as the bread. People unknowingly consume large amounts of these stuff, only to lament at the end of the day. The crackers are really harmful to the health, and it is advisable to avoid them as much as possible.

Popcorn made with microwave


Have you heard of the chemical called perfluorooctanoic sulfonic acid? Even if you have not, this is present in high proportion in popcorn made in the microwave. This may turn out indeed tasty to you, but the crispness of the stuff must not blind you of the bad effects that it can bring to you.

Corn tortillas made with Propylparaben highres_00000401986208-640x480 

This is really harmful and throws your body system out of the normal cycle. This is something which acts like the hormone called oestrogen, and once it is increased in the body, you will suffer lot in the long run. It is better to avoid products baked with such a substance.

Muffins made with Propylparaben sad-bread-potassium-bromate.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scale 

This has the same effect on the body as the above-mentioned You will never know when you are drifting towards destruction. The only possible way to avoid this is to go for products which do not contain Propylparaben at all.

Packaged food you doubt:

There are many packaged foods that contain certain substances that you cannot identify. If you are unable to identify two or more of these substances, you should better keep away from the products. Sometimes substances alike butylated hydroxytoluene is mixed with the packaged products, and it will not be possible for you to identify them by a name which is a stranger to you.



Sugar-Free Candies


Have you ever come across something which tastes sweet but does not contain sugar? This is a trick that people land up in. Some candies are marked as sugar-free. People tend to be satisfied and end up having them in large amounts. They are the sufferers at the end of the day. These are even more harmful than the normal candies. He normal ones use sugar, but these candies use artificial sweeteners, which are even more harmful than the sugar itself. They raise the level of insulin in the body, cause diabetes, and you will suffer lot in the long run in case you have these regularly.

So, the next time you plan to buy some tasty food, check out this list and make sure that no food that you consume is harmful. This may bring you a bit of disappointment, but remember, prevention is better than cure.