15 Astonishing Ways by Which You Can Give Surprise to Your Friends


Who does not like surprise?

Friends are someone with whom we share our joy and sorrows. We are literally blessed to have them in our life as it is the only relationship which is actually chosen by us!

It will be amazing if we shower our friends with some surprises. It will bring a sudden smile on their faces. And off-course this is indeed month of love so it would be fine idea to give them pleasant surprises.

These are some ways by which you can surprise your friends: 

#1 Prize and Contest: You can ask them that they win a big prize through some contests. It will surprise them for sure. It will make your friends throw a party which could be a matter of exhilaration for all of you.


#2 Selfie with a favourite celeb: You can give them big surprise by arranging a meeting with their favourite stars. This would be definitely a lifetime chance that your friends can’t afford to miss.

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#3 Greetings and Postcard: It doesn’t matter how much the world has changed, but sending greetings and picture-postcard to your friends on special occasions through snail mails – like the way you used to send greetings in the past, is certain to bring smiles on the faces of your friends. It will revise the kid-hood memories and make all of you nostalgic.


#4 Favourite food: If you order favourite dishes for your friends, they will like it too. Why not join your friends and throw a mini party inviting all your buddies at a popular restaurant? You will not only relish the tasty dishes out there but will have some sweet conversations with them too.

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#6 Surprise Gift: Blind gifts will make them merry. So, gift them sudden things which they like. Like their favourite books or CDs and so on.


#7 Picnic: All of us love nature! It will be a superb idea if you organise a picnic with your buddies. They will love this recreation. Only a day before the picnic, you should disclose your plan to them. Isn’t it a brilliant idea to surprise your friends?

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#8 Culinary adventure: How about trying your hands at preparing new dishes? In the birthday party or any occasion you should prepare food with yourself instead of ordering from hotel. It will be a best surprise ever.


#9 Special date: If a friend organizes a special date with his friends. Like, friends can visit hilly places by a surprised planning. It will be an awesome idea.

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#10 Surprised party: A surprised birthday party will amaze your friends. So you should organise a surprise birthday party for your friends.


#11 Surprised shopping: Go in an outdoor with your friends and buy them a beautiful dress. They will be really surprised.

#12 Surprised Letter: Letter writing! I think it is a good idea. If you write a lovely latter to your friends it will be nostalgia for them. Letter writing is a stopped phenomenon now. So, they will be having massive surprised.


#13 Sudden phone call: We all forget what is basic phone? Mobile! Mobile! Everywhere… So if you call them from basic phone, they will be totally amazed. Nobody use basic phone now a days. So it is a great idea.

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#14 Surprised visit: Make a surprise visit to their home! It is a superb idea.

#15 Sudden social media messages: Without any specific reason you can send them a notification, massage or funny picture or faces in their face book or twitter account after a long days. Sometimes we like these kinds of surprises.