14 Things Western People Think About Indians

  1.  Uncomfortably inquisitive
     Indians just can’t help looking at foreigners, no matter how modern or educated they are. They don’t go unnoticed however covertly or overtly they are dressed. The reason for such uneasy curiosity has remained a mystery.
  2. Spice of Life
    Indians are known for their love of spicy food. Westerners often think that every item on the Indian cuisine is soul biting and can cause anguish to the palate. They can amalgamate any food with aromatic or rancorous flavorings.
  3.  Too orthodox
    The censoring on western movies’ content, discouraging children to watch English movies, general perception of disparaging short clothes and complicated relationship issues has failed to identify it’s relevance and deemed as hypocritical by foreigners.
  4.  Religious fundamentalism
    India is a land of multifarious religious, sects and castes. Strange regulations in the name of religion has a nasty presence. Fasting on Mondays, a cat cutting in your way as a bad omen,vegetarian food on Thursdays etc. are common and incomprehensible.
  5.  Sex is a taboo
    With the second largest population and a mammoth sized prostitution, Indians still have issues with consensual relationships. Sex is a word which majority of people are hesitant to enunciate, let alone exchange views on it.
  6.  Intelligent and hard-working
    The country which discovered zero has a multitude of brilliant doctors, engineers and managers marking their awe-inspiring presence around the globe. Indians working abroad are treated with respect and get recognition.
  7.  Painfully gradual law and order
    With a perpetually unhurried legislation and habitual crime, bribery and indecent criminal activities are ubiquitous. While such negative mental outlook discourages a lot many Westerners from visiting this incredible country of eclecticism, it encourages the Government towards efficacy.
  8.  Agonizingly dirty
    Right from open defecation to unhygienic monuments or public places, India has one of the worst waste management systems, with almost all ignorant citizens residing there.
  9. Less involvement in extracurricular
    Constant rebukes from family and relatives to give-up on one’s involvement in sports, music and social activities in order to enhance academic performance, restricts the evolution of a child’s brain.
  10. Financial dependence
    Albeit the average age of independence from parents in Western countries itself is 25 years, youngster’s dependence here on their parent’s bank balance in India for longer than required, is often detested and criticized.
  11. Indians live a frugal life
    Pertaining to the fact that only 11% of Indian tax payers earn more than 5 lacs per year, it’s inferred that earnings of a person here is minimal with maximum savings.
  12.  Difficult exams and bad administration
    Indian civil services and IIT exams being counted as one of the toughest exams to crack are unsuccessful in producing larger number of students of global stature or control rampant corruption.
  13.  Against feminism
    Westerners are aware of the exploitation and hardships faced by Indian women. Although, not every part of India faces this unfortunate inequality and discrimination, Westerners universally accept this idea.
  14. India is a country of eclecticism
    giphy (1)
    And there’s not just one language, one culture or one festival that lures people to visit this country of colors, rather there are many. Whatsoever may the shortcomings be,sure India gets 7 million foreign visits  every year and ranks 16 in World Tourism Receipts. We know the Westerners enjoy meditating in the silence of Northern hills in summers and explore lagoons, estuaries, lush fields, colourful bazaars and beaches in winters.iggy1