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14 Reasons You Should Date A Woman Who Reads


“If you find a girl who reads, keep her close. When you find her up at 2 AM clutching a book to her chest and weeping, make her a cup of tea and hold her. You may lose her for a couple of hours but she will always come back to you. She’ll talk as if the characters in the book are real, because for a while, they always are”
I am a hardcore book lover myself and I may be a little biased towards the women who read but why nott…We would rather spend time sitting at home or at cafes reading than killing brain cells at the bars every night.When we read we’re grateful, thoughtful, pensive. We feel like we gain and loose a piece of our hearts for every character like we’ve just experienced something deep, something intimate. (Maybe, erotic too! ;) )
I’m not trying to say that women who don’t read don’t possess any of these qualities, I know they do. Of course, there are also the women who choose both, and that’s okay too — you can be sexy and smart. However, You deserve a girl who can give you the most colorful life imaginable. If you can only give her monotony, and stale hours and half-baked proposals, then you’re better off alone. If you want the world and the worlds beyond it, date a girl who reads. :)
Here are 14 reasons it’s great to date a girl who reads:


1. We’ll always have something to talk about ;)

It’s annoying when two people are awkwardly sitting together with nothing to talk about…but with us? You simply need to ask what we’re reading or what our favorite book is and the conversation will escalate from there. We can ramble on for however long you can listen without stopping . We will write you letters and texts in a way which will strike right through your soul. Also, the need for banter and witty conversation is more important than you may believe, and falling in love with a reader will enhance not just the conversation, but the level of it.

2. We are patient.

Have you ever had the “Tell me already!!” moment when you just have to wait for the climax of a story you’re already loving? Ofcourse movies gives us some of the jist of it but when we read, the excitement of knowing the “Ohh!” or the “Aww!” moment grows tenfold and so does a readers patience. And this patience comes in handy while dealing in relationships…we will be patient with you when things are tough, and that is an important characteristic for any relationship.

3. We’ll be able to teach you the good stuff from the books ;)

Readers get to know about a lot of random facts, different products, activities and methods of making or doing stuff ( yea..even the bedroom stuff ;) ) and they can usually explain things in an interesting way :D

4. We are empathetic

Studies have shown that people who read are particularly empathetic towards others. This is proved over and over again as the ability to connect with character we haven’t even met makes understanding of people around us much easier. We may not always agree with you, but we will always try to see things from your point of view :)

5. We are up and awake (like all the freaking time!!)

WHAT?! OMG I CANT EVEN BELIEVE THAT CHAPTER ENDED THAT WAY!!…okay let me just start this chapter” and just like that its morning all ready!! An amazing book is a magnet for us and keeping it down for a night is probably the hardest thing ever… so ever get up at 3 in the morning or just want a friend to talk..just give us a call..i bet you’ll never be disappointed :D

6. We can pull an all-nighter any day ;)

We are trained zombies and can remain awake all night due to our reading expeditions, which means we have accustomed our mind to stay sharp and excited during late hours too..

7. You’ll know what we’re doing 80% of the time

We came in this relationship well informed, now didn’t we?! :D

8. You know we’ll be fine spending time on our own.

We wont smother you..People who read can entertain themselves for hours without you. Yes, you might get ignored for a couple of days when the new James Petterson novel comes out, but a person who can hang out with themselves and a book won’t get upset when you work late and would probably love for you to go out with the guys and have some beer-y time! :D

9. We’re adventurous and always down to travel

Ever wanted to try bungee jumping or river rafting? Maybe skydiving too?? Or maybe roam around the streets of Greece and Seattle? Visiting far-away lands via books only gives us the itch to travel as much as we can in real life and we would love to be the person in the middle of the action! Now, if only Narnia existed ! *sighs*

10. We can express ourselves.

Ever date a person who has difficulties while expressing what they need or expect from you?? Well you wont have this problem with a woman who reads surely because with all the time reading we are able to express our feelings with the power of words…so much for beating around the bush..ehh? ;)

11. We find solutions, to EVERYTHING!!

When you spend your days reading all types of different stories you are bound to become a problem solver..and such a woman is someone you can talk through a tough decision with, and know she’ll give real thought to all the moving parts. People who read have stronger analytical skills, so a reader will be better equipped to assess a situation and find the best possible solution.

12. We can talk, a lott, but we listen too

Yes, she will go on and on about that bad boy who went all sweet with his lil babygirl and you may find her clutching a book close to her chest, and stifling sobs at 2 AM upset about her favorite character dying and she will talk about him, in between tears, as if he were real. Hold her still, comfort her – because she will always reciprocate..always!! And when you’d talk animatedly about a subject that you love, she will be listening attentively too or when you feel it is difficult for you to speak about the car crash of your younger sister, she will hold you close to her and listen to your incoherent mumbling until you feel better :)

13. We’re fiercely loyal.

If we would follow John Green to the ends of the world,we can be steadfast in a relationship. We’re loyal to all of our books and their authors. If we follow the work of our favorite authors, we’re obviously more than capable of having a long-term relationship.

14. We’re easy to please

She doesn’t need diamonds and shopping sprees. She doesn’t need the newest clothes or cars… You could easily go to a bookstore and buy a book or a bookmark (yeh.. we’ve got you covered ;) )

If you date someone who reads, then you too, will live a thousand different lives. <3



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