14 Jugaad Ideas Only Indians Can Think Of


1. Dhoom Machale

FB_IMG_1435847155232Whenever we see a picture perfect Hollywood movie or our Dhoom series its obvious that adrenaline rushes throughout. Why to hold back then? And ladies and gentlemen presenting you the cheapest Dhoom bike. And boys go get your girlfriend at the back seat :)

2. Problem with mixer? Just chill

FB_IMG_1435847215423 Everyone of us might have done experiments in the kitchen and few ended in disasters even. Why fear when Jugaad is here! Interesting isn’t it!

3. This Video Says It All

Karle Jugaad Karle…Karle Kooii Jugaad..The video is an awesome piece of collection of “Oh Teri” jugaads. We Indians might be lazy but none can question our intelligence boss.

4. Don’t Miss Your Mom Too Much


Remember your mom’s tears while grating onions? Many hostelers specially men find it tough to cook. Well necessity is the mother of invention. And there is the Jugaad. Bye bye tears!

5. Desi Rockstar

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Speechless idea man! He didn’t felt the necessity of drums. Finally came up with such a fabulous and economic idea.

5. Kill Two Birds With One Stone

19This guard sorry tailor,oops guard and a tailor might have thought to utilize the time better and came up with a Jugaad.

6. Tick Tock

FB_IMG_1435847271173Who said that a broken watch is worth a  dustbin huh? A look at it would change your mind. Tick tock…Tick Tock.. :)

7. Howzzat


Here you go! From crawling babies to the ones with withered teeth, we Indians literally worship cricket. And how can they enjoy a complete game without a third empire dear? Kudos

8. Amateur Swimmer? Don’t lose your smile 

28Felt wise and cheap to grab few bottles and threads to tie rather than spending good number of bucks for life jackets.

9. A train always has some space left

13Needless to say our public transport is over crowded. But why should we suffer? That’s the answer.

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10. What an idea Sirji

6 (1)

:) :) Mercedes in an “office”!! I totally agree with the fact to think out of box but I never came across these kinda ideas. Looks funny but mercedes is too adorable to manage after all.

11. Surprise The Thieves

unnamed (2)Remember your sandals went missing sometime back. A guy was blessed with this terrific jugaad and finally made the thieves also smile.

12. Sshhh! No Comments

funny-pictures-india-0027-funny-dth-jugaadAs said before no comments!

13. Paaji, Tussi Great Ho

images (4)

This is just hilarious! This man’s face is worth a look.

14. I’m super cool

IMG_20150702_230717So what if I can’t afford a car. I do have a brain and I have the Jugaad ready. I’m off to my destiny and would suggest the same.

There are just the tip of an iceberg. Picture abhi  baki hain mere dost!! :) :) :)