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13 worst foods for people with diabetes


An unhealthy and improper food habit is responsible for people falling prey to diabetes. The acute problem of diabetes is that it brings abnormalities in the body metabolism.  People have to be choosy about what they eat to stay healthy. The nutrition for the diabetic patients should be strict and should not include intake of sugar in the blood. Consumption of too much sugar in the form of chocolates and drinking soda will degrade the health of people with diabetes.

People with diabetes have a high risk of heart diseases that includes irregularity in heartbeats and abnormal cardiac attacks. A rigid watch has to be kept on the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. The consumption of too much sugar, basically unhealthy food is to be restricted. Doctors and health expert say that healthy food habits have to initiate to avoid degrading the diabetes situation.

To keep a check on diabetes listings of 13 worst foods are given:

  1. Plain White Rice:

Eating a daily meal of plain white rice has a negative impact on the heath of the diabetes patients. The blood sugar spikes may occur as the sugary content is much larger in the white rice. Consuming white rice only increases the risk of getting 2 types of diabetes, and it increases the risk of unhealthy conditions by 11%.

  1. Melons and Bananas:

They have a lot of starch content and glucose in their crust.  There is a side effect of the consumption of these two nutrients in the body functions of the person with diabetes. They have the capability to cause blood sugar spikes in some of the person’s body.

  1. Coffee:

Coffees that are blended to serve different kinds of flavours are the most avoided beverages for people with diabetes. Avoiding blended coffee is best as they are rich in sugary syrup and creams and milk products. They have a high tendency of causing blood sugar spikes, and that too depends from person to person.

  1. Chinese foods:

Chinese foods are rich in carbohydrates and fats. They are made from vegetable oils and increase the cholesterol level of the patients dealing with diabetes. This hampers their metabolism. The Chinese foods are basically friend and mostly composed of additives, so they are worst food and should be avoided.

  1. Pastries and cream cakes:

These are the most attractive and the greediest food you will come across. If you fall prey to this dishes, then your health conditions may worsen, and you may have to visit the doctor or to the hospital. Actually pastries and cakes have lots of sugary contents, and it makes the worst food to be consumed by the diabetic patient.

  1. Mixed Fruit smoothies:

Fruit smoothies are mixtures of different kinds of fruits which are rich in glucose, starch and sugars. They are to be avoided by people with diabetes at any cost. It may sound like one of the healthiest drink ever made, but the reality is that fruit juices have high carbohydrate contents which are unhealthy for persons with diabetes.

  1. Processed Cereal:

Cereals that come refined and processed from the factories have to be avoided. They are different from the natural cereals as they have high-calorie content due to the present of a large amount of glucose and carbohydrates.  They can strike a blood sugar spike, and this may vary from person to person.

  1. Fruit salads and mixtures:

One should have a proper knowledge of fruits before embarking on fruit salads and drinks. As the fruits of different kinds are abundant in different nutrients, they might raise the sugar content of the blood and can impact the metabolism rate of the body. This can decrease the functioning capacity of different parts of the body.

  1. Energy chocolates:

These are products directly processed by the factories. They come with additives and preservatives. They are rich in sugary content. The carbohydrate content of this energy bars is also huge. This should be avoided in the diabetes patients. Consumption of unnatural products may increase the risk of several diseases.

  1. Pasta Sauce(Alfredo)

Pasta sauce commonly referred to as the Alfredo is made from the heavy use of butter, cream and cheese. This is the most restricted food for the people dealing with diabetes. Consumption of this type of food will only hamper the health conditions and ruin the appetite of the patients.

  1. Meats composed of Fats:

Meats which are largely composed of a high quantity of fats should be avoided by the people with diabetes. The consumption of a lot of fats only increases the cholesterol level in the body, and it increases the risk of a heart disease for the person suffering from diabetes.

  1. Potato fries:

This is the most common dish which is consumed as a snack by most of the people during the lunch or dinner. The potato fries have high carb content and are the most inappropriate food for the diabetes patients. The high content of carbs and starch may lead to the spiking of the blood with excess sugar and thus degrade the health condition.

  1. Chocolate and dry fruit mixes:

These are the most important foods that are high in nutrients. They have to be avoided at any cost by the diabetes patients. Consumption of these products will immediately see a rise in the level of the insulin and make the person sick. These are not at all the healthy choices for the person’s suffering from high diabetes.

The adequate measure has to be taken by the family members dealing with a person who is having high diabetes problem. If proper care is not taken in choosing the healthiest diet, then risk of getting heart attacks, and other heart-related diseases will increase. It is advisable to get hold of the best dietician who will jot down the foods that are to be consumed by such persons. Food rich in nutrients value are not always good for the body. Optimum consumption is the way out.



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