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13 Things you’ll Instantly Relate to if you have ever been to KPS Raipur.



School years are one of the best years that a person goes through in his or her entire life. One can never forget this amazing journey throughout their lives.

Here is to all the people who have been to this wonderful place KPS Raipur, where life is magical, incomparable and stupendously-fantastical!

P.S. This is just an attempt from my side to revive all the memories we have had in school and I am sure every KPSian will be able to relate to it.


1. The awaited post assembly speeches by ASHU Sir :


I remember how half of the school used to admire KPS Raipur’s tall and strong director, Ashutosh Sir, and how he was nicknamed Ashu Sir by all of us.

I remember myself and half of my class desperately waiting for his speech after the morning assembly, for the deliveries were so engaging that everyone lost all track of time. Everyone used to connect to his words. Indeed, KPS is blessed with such a good orator!


2. One of the most dynamic principals one could come across, Priyanka Mam : 

From the way she dressed to the way she handled everyone notorious student, KPSians loved everything about her. I remember my fellow girls praising how beautiful she looked everyday and how softly she spoke to everyone.


3. Annual function Perks :

Mix together a bowl of dance, fun and music, mash it well with lots of English and Hindi plays and garnish it with an exhilarating brigade of youngsters, an enticing platter called “KPS Annual Function” is ready!

Annual functions in KPS have always been a high-profile campus event. Some enjoyed their dance and play practices, while the others enjoyed the happening proxy periods.


4. Weekly Tests :


And the ‘dil dukha dene’ waale weekly tests, which ruined every KPSian’s Sundays! I remember crying over the phone with my friends over the weekly tests, complaining about the huge syllabus for just a 20 marks test.


5. English Periods with VP Sir :

Oh my god! Those memorable English periods with him. Even boring lessons sounded super duper interesting when VP Sir took the lessons.

Every student takes interest in his class for he teaches everything so nicely. Even after 3 years, I still remember the entire story of the ‘Canterville Ghost’, because VP Sir taught it to us, demonstrating how the Ghost used to scare everyone in the mansion and how the twins used to trouble the ghost with their kiddish tricks, look I remember the story, LOL!


6. The unending dispute : Maths Section Vs Commerce Section :



From the type of crowd to the examination results, the Maths section and the Commerce section remained in clash despite they’re both under the common name, KPS.


7. Baneerji Mam, Hussain Mam, Habbeba Mam, Senchaudary Mam, Surana Sir and Ravi Sir have been your all time favourite.

A big YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8.Toppers everywhere :

Oh yes! KPS is full of talented people. KPS Students study a lot. Every year KPS produces the best results in city, with some 100 students scoring 80+, some 90 students scoring CGPA 9 and above and some 15 students making it to IIT and JEE mains every year, thanks to the dedicated teachers and yes the weekly tests too.


9. Fashion Trends :

From narrow pants and short skirts to messy hairstyles and wacky spikes – KPS students have it all.


10. School Picnics to MM Funcity :


Every year 🙂

The amazing school picnic, every year to MM Funcity was one of the best things about KPS. The picnic spot was same every year but the picnics were never boring and always happening with friends, teachers and songs that DJ played during the rain dance.


11. The ‘akal thikane laa dene’ vale bangs by Hari Sir :

Boys? 😛

I am sure you are able to relate to it, every second boy would! Nevertheless, Hari Sir is one the most helping teachers in KPS.


12. Memorable Farewells :

Thanks to the sincere juniors ^_^

Farewells in KPS have always been worth remembering. The food on farewells never used to be good enough, but titles, DJs, beautiful ladies clad in wonderful sarees and fancy earrings and cool dudes with different hairstyles in suits with shining shoes certainly were. And the Post-farewell-New-Raipur-photoshoot made it even more memorable.


13. Sports Stars :

KPS Raipur is blessed with National and State level players who make KPS even more glorious, thanks to Hari Sir, Ganesh Sir and Kamlesh Mam!


I have so many more points in head, and if I sit to write down everything even a library would prove to be inadequate.

Knowingly or Unknowingly, KPS becomes a very important part of in the life of KPSian, and the memories are priceless!




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