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13 things that happen when we go shopping with our mom


Shopping with Mom, we can’t live with it and we can’t live without it. All of us have gone shopping with our mom atleast once in our life time, probably more, and each time we make a resolve to never come again. But then somehow we end up going with our mom the next time, the next and so on. We all our well acquainted with the woes and joys of going shopping with our mom. It is quite comical if you just don’t factor yourself in! I am sure all of you would relate to the following feelings / experiences of going shopping with your mom.

  1. The initial anxiety / excitement – This one comes naturally. Initially, we are all anxious like ‘O my God, going out with mom, poor me,’ etc etc. A little later comes the excitement because then you remember all the things you wanted to buy for some time now and couldn’t afford it and now, finally your chance has arrived!
  2. When she’s extra sassy like this  and you know she is right because you got no friends / bf / gf who will hang out or go shopping with you.
  3. And then you feel like this shopping-with-mom_o_694074
  4. And ofcourse then there are restrictions on what you can and cannot buy. Usually what you can buy is very, very limited. And there goes your dream of benefiting from this situation.  poor us, all are dreams and hopes crushed with a single look.
  5. When you are so desperate that this comes to your mind      and because she knows you really very well she will whisk you away before you can cause trouble. Plus, if our face looks like this them I am pretty sure that anybody can guess what we are upto!
  6. Next comes the sad stage, when she won’t let you have something you really like. Then we all go like  though not as cute.  and definitely not as innocent. She sees right through us.
  7. Then when she has really had it with our tantrums, she tells us not to touch anything at all  and then we wonder that we would have definitely been better off had we not thrown those tantrums.
  8. Then there’s a moment when you get lucky! 
  9. When things don’t go your way 
  10. That moment when you think that death would have definitely been better 
  11. When she just won’t stop shopping and you really want to go home 
  12. That really rare awesome moment when she shows up on time. All our moms give us the cart and disappear to get something else. We all know the struggle that ensues. We anxiously wait for her to arrive before it’s our turn to bill. And sometimes she does! But most of the time she doesn’t. 
  13. And then we all do the customary ‘I can take all these bags in one go because two go’s are for losers’. Which we manage somehow but we do make a fool of ourselves in front of others.

Be that as it may, it is an adventure in itself and we really do love shopping with our mom. She’s definitely the best and no one else can take her place.



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