13 Serious Dont’s at your Workplace

    If you are viewing this article, it is most likely you are a college/school going or are a part of corporate world; hence this article is strictly for you. Being a part of a diversified society, we meet up people of different castes, different religions and with all this comes different habits, different cultures. One thing that is quite normal in one strata of society might be difficult to digest for others. So when we share a common workplace or institution, we should keep some things in mind that do not lead to disturbing the people around you.

    Let’s have a look..

    1. Bad Breath

    This is one thing that irritates people around us the most. Eating all those Biryanis and Chickens leaves you with a bad breath, sometimes bad brushing habits also lead to this. So always keep some mints with you to avoid bad breath so that you can have a smooth conversation with your (1)

    1. Chatter-Box

    No one at your workplace is interested in knowing what you dreamt last night or how you spent your weekend. Everybody in such a competitive world is focused to make money, finish his/her shift and head home. Being a chatter-box will only earn you ignorance.chatterbox

    1. WhatsApp-ClownAgain, nobody in the world has a single minute to waste upon those long forwarded messages or prank videos that earn you nothing other than time wastage. Do not ever share irrelevant stuff on your official or unofficial groups otherwise be ready to be blocked or thrown out of the group.Whatsapping-Addiction-520x245
    1. Staring

    This act of yours can get you into some serious trouble too. The females at your workplace are tired of you turning your head at them whenever they pass around. They don’t complain doesn’t mean they won’t ever. Stop it immediately.keep-calm-and-stop-staring-at-girls

    1. Talking loudly on phone

    Man, nobody is interested in knowing your frustration at that piteous Vodafone guy or what you would be doing after your shift ends. A serious NO to this habit. Take your calls outside or learn to talk softly.f179887162aa2e1a27c26743b536b100

    1. Ridiculous Ringtone

    Oh Boy, you are making a serious mistake keeping your phone at General and that too with a loud HoneySingh/DavidGuetta ringtone. Nobody is interested in knowing your music preference amidst completing deadlines.476fd547bc3a6756cfe33c37a65224851dfb83e912a18f255e9fa387d1b875df

    1. Keyboard Whacks

    If your work involves working on a PC, consider that PC to be the sibling of the one at home and show some mercy to it. Don’t tap or hit them the spacebars’ and enters’ so hard that those non-living jerks come to life and beg for mercy. Plus, the sound irritates. Have Mercy.19198247-Angry-office-worker-businessman-hit-his-computer-keyboard-Keys-and-coffee-in-motion--Stock-Photo

    1. Unnecessary Jokes

    Don’t give people a chance to make jokes out of you by creating unnecessary jokes at high tensile situations. It only causes irritation to the ones listening it. Nothing else. So control the hidden Kapil Sharma of yours and unleash it in the break time or while taking a cab back home.99fdf71b159286cb0958cd3c65ce393f364276ba79b2c5ac15ef066d408d474f

    1. Laughter-An Issue

    We all are bound to laugh our heart out at the most senseless joke made by the boss. We already have been ridiculed by that no-sense-of-humor joke of the boss; now don’t provide us with an extra loudy laughter trying to impress the boss. It makes us go nuts. Remember, you spend 90% time outside the boss’ cabin amidst us. Hence, keep in limits.HIGHLIGHT-IMAGE1

    1. Legs-Stop shaking them

    You have passed your +2 and now is the probably the best time to redefine your sophistication. We understand sometimes shaking of legs is not under control, but most of the times it is. So try not to be a “Vibrator” and stop spilling coffee of your table. High time now.1_classic_leg_shaking

    1. Nose Pricker

    Stop hunting treasures in your nose or any other natural cavities present in your body. Instead, excuse us and visit the restroom. Find your treasure and dispose it off either in your handkerchief or flush it. It is not a very pleasant sight to watch. Eeew.images

    1. Hand drumming on the table

    Why waste time in a boring office/college if you are so good at drumming?

    Go fetch yourself a good music teacher and make a band of yourselves. We are happy cheering for you at a concert rather than besides our tables. The noise blocks our concentration. Please don’t do this.hand-tapping

    1. Farting

    Oh My God, Seriously!

    Farts are something that kills the atmosphere all around you. This one thing would kill all your social contacts and nobody would ever sit with you. Even if they do, any bad odor coming from anywhere would be suspected to be coming out from your valley. This needs an immediate check.fart_forbidden_zone


    Keeping a check on everything mentioned above surely makes you stand different from the ordinary workmen and not to forget, it enhances the overall personality as well.

    Happy Working, Fellas.





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