12 Types of ladies you will meet in an Indian wedding


Other than the bride,you will come across 12 type of mind-blowing ladies in an Indian wedding who will actually blow your mind off.
1.Judgementals: These are the super annoying creatures who will take the privilege to judge you ‘No Matter To What Extent.’


2.Proclaimed Matchmaker:Aunty who wants every bachelor in the world hitched.


3.Nosy Ones: These aunties have nothing to do except to put their nose in every stuff.These should better be avoided as they are harmful for anything and everything.


4. Dazzling Dancers:Whatever happens,they don’t care.They’re into their own world dancing on every song;till their limbs break.

dance t
5.The Food Hunters:People who scrutinize every food stall again & again and eat like its their last supper of life.


6.Makeup Addict:These kind of ladies keep on checking & giving touch-ups to their makeup every once in a while.No matter how good they had been looking without it.


7.Certified Drama Queens:They have done Ph.D in dramatics and tries to show their skill wherever possible.

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8. Uninvited Ones: They belong neither to the brides’ nor to the grooms’ side. However still pretends to be one among the close relatives of them.


9.The Sherlock Holmes:To those detective ones whom you would like to slap on the face.Because they continuously peep into your phone just to read your private messages.

sherlock holmes

10.Self Obsessed:These are the ones who will make you listen how did they complete the shopping & how difficult it is to be so unique like them.

self obs

11.Gossip Queen:One who rush through and through the crowd and make “raai ka pahaad” of any of the topics.

gossip queens

12.Last but not the least-Good Ones: They stick a smile onto their face & behave nicely all the while.

sonam giphy