12 things every eldest sibling can relate to


Being the oldest sibling is something you will never get out of. It stays with you till you are alive or well, till your youngest sibling is deemed an adult. Even after that you are expected to behave properly and help your younger siblings, though it is not stated explicitly but, it is expected of you. And you have felt it all, excitement, interest, joy, dislike, pure hatred and pride as the eldest sibling. All you eldest siblings out there, join me if you think it is true!

  1. You became the less favorite and the less everything after your younger sibling came. We all know that this is true. Nobody took your pictures anymore or called you the cutie, while your younger sibling were an ‘angel’ even in their sleep! I know, I know, we all felt jealous! But, we sure  do grow out of it. sib
  2. You are supposed to behave responsibly ALL THE TIME, judgement lapse of even a second won’t be tolerated. Yes, we all have been through this ridiculous ritual too. You had to do everything right to ‘set a good example for your little brother or sister’. There had to be no mistakes at all. They on the other hand could do everything and get away with it just because they are smaller. They could hold a loaded gun and be treated with love but if you even breathed the wrong way then you would get a good hour-long lecture on to be responsible. download
  3. You were always scolded if there were any fights, even if it was not your fault. Yep, it was unfair and it totally drove you crazy because most of the time it was the younger one’s fault and you had to take the heat for it even if you just picked them up and put them back in their crib or whatever! not-my-fault
  4. You were or are the babysitter, their private tutor and even the one who does their home work! Oh and all of this without the money ofcourse. Why? Because, your parents spent their money on raising you properly and the least you could do just help your younger sibling a little bit. funny
  5. You were never allowed to watch TV after a certain time but they certainly can because you are watching too! Now this one is totally messed up and you want to scream DISCRIMINATION on the top of your lungs! When you finally can watch TV, you are not alone! They always creep up to you and then you can’t even watch what you like because it is inappropriate or scary for them. In what world is that even fair? download (1)
  6. They will obviously hang with your friends. You finally make a plan to go out with your friends or they are coming over at your place and you think ‘HA! Finally free for some time’. Well hold yourself right there because your mom will come up to you and demand you take your younger sibling with you too and take care of him or her! Forget about fun, this is another form of babysitting. Ofcourse, you won’t hang with their friends, that’s weird! Bye Bye privacy. meme
  7. They will try to copy your style and fail miserably. It is just too frustrating, you know they can’t do it, they know they can’t do it, but still just to drive you insane they do it. Oh they don’t fail miserably, they do succeed in making you go insane. siblings
  8. It’s not just TV, it’s everything else too! They get to do things that you were not allowed to do at a much younger age. It’s like adding salt to the wound. images
  9. If you come home drunk then it’s like the world’d ending but, if they come home drunk then they are so adorable. What? How is this even possible? And, WHY? why
  10. You totally spy on them to make sure they aren’t doing anything bad. We do that, all of us just to make sure that they are not involved in the wrong sorts of things. bigbro
  11. And we do feel surprised and proud when they do something good. It almost brings us to tears! proud
  12. No matter our differences, they are our best buds and we love them! And we sure are thankful to have those adorable idiots in our lives. blessing