12 Things every 20 something hears at an Indian Wedding.


We are young, we are reckless. But people we meet at the Great Indian Weddings think otherwise. These people come with some of the most rubbish statements which make us regret spending so much on our attire and attending the wedding in the first place! (All the images have been sourced from giphy.com)

1.” Are tum to Sharma ji k Bete ho na?”

Yes uncle. But Sharma ji lovingly calls me Harsh and so do my friends. 🙂

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  1. “Samjh lo sb kuch, you’re next”

Sure, sure. Why not! What if I told you that the guy you think I’m dating is my friend’s boyfriend.

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3. ” Meet Shrivastava Sahab’s daughter”

Uncle, I’m pretty sure this is an opportunity for you to introduce your marriage material kid, but look : I AM NOT INTERESTED. I came here to attend this wedding, not to make plans for my own.

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  1. “Ladka Dhundh liya hai apki Beti k lie?”

Ohh, sure. I haven’t even finished my college degree and you’re already talking about getting me someone. Mind finding out if I am dating someone or not?

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  1. ” So how much do you earn? You know Rakesh chacha? His kid makes 2 lakhs a month”

Ohh great! Now how could you even be so shameless to ask me how much money do I make. Did I enquire about your sister who married a taxi driver in the U.S? :/

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  1. ” Are you a Youtuber/Blogger/ Photographer/Painter? Don’t you think it’s time you got a REAL job.

Do you mean the kind that I don’t like and have idea about? Sorry but not sorry!


  1. ” That guy you came here with? Planning to marry him”

Yes, sure. I am 4 months pregnant and he’s dating my best friend. Now, move away.


  1. “Accha, toh you took Humanities. Were you not good in studies? Did your parents not object”

Yes. I don’t even remember how I passed high school and got into LSR.

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  1. “Have you tried Shaadi.com?”

Is that some alcohol? if yes, where do I get it?

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10.” Ab toh tumhare sb cousins ki Shaadi ho gyi, tum kab kr rahe ho”

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Ek kaam karo, Abhi krvado.

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  1. ” You know Shraddha’s  girl, I saw her drinking Vodka with her friends God only knows what these young kids are upto these days”

Will you please stop already.?

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  1. ” Next toh tumhari shaadi me hi milna hoga”

Dreams. Dreams. Only if I invite you to it, bitch!!


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