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12 Perks of Having a ‘Bihari’ Friend.


We all have a ‘variety of friends’ and if you’re that lucky one, you’ll atleast have one Bihari friend.

Here are 12 reasons why having a ‘Bihari’ Friend is just amazing:

1. You’ll always be up to date with whats happening across the globe.

Yes, almost all your bihari friends have a habit of reading the newspaper daily. They will always update you with the latest controversies, political issues, etc etc, this is what makes them get through IITs, IIMs and UPSC, isn’t it? And how can one forget ‘Bihar Ka Lala’ Sushil Kumar! 😀

2. You understand all the Bihari memes, thanks to them!


They will always lend a helping hand when you find it difficult to understand bihari memes.

3. You get to try all of their mouth watering cuisines:


Be it litti choka, malpuas, khaja, thekua, or dal puri, you get to taste all of these. And yes achaars, your Bihari friend comes with pots of yummy khat mitthis and kacche aam ka achaars!

5. Your Bihari friends always help you escape tricky situations, for they always have a ‘jugad’ :

Your friend has relatives in almost every field you can imagine, a resourceful friend indeed!

Biharis are extremely helpful. Whatever problem you have, you just have to dump it on them.

6. All the ‘main’ in your sentence gets replaced with ‘Hum’ :

Lol, I myself have become habitual of saying “Hum bhi aate hai, intezaar kro hamara”, thanks to my Bihari friends!

7. The typical words you get to learn from them is completely out of the world :



Loor, burbak, jhor, le, herana are a few typical words you get to learn only from a Bihari friend.

8. You crack every possible joke on Bihari but they don’t react :

Because they really don’t give a damn, they’re too cool to care!

9. Their beautiful festivals adds to the list of perks your Bihari friend offers :

The famous teej and chhath puja and ofcourse the prasads adds to the list of awesomeness your friend has to offer!

10. Their enthusiam and hard work philosophy has often motivated you :

Bihari folks are the most hardworking community in the country. They are good students and indeed secure a good number of seats in the most top ranking institutes of the country. When it comes to jobs also, most white collar jobs go to Biharis, they are IAS toppers, get through IITs and IIMs and this kinda motives you too!

11. You can enjoy bhojpuri movies and bhojpuri songs with them :

Bhojpuri films and songs are the most fun thing a Bihari can laugh about with friends. 😀

12. You’ve heard so much about Bihar from them that you want to go there now :

And when you visit Bihar, you can always stay at their homes and enjoy their hospitality and visit all the places Bihar has been famous for!



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