12 Health, Skin and Hair Care Benefits of Avocado


Avocado is a precious fruit of all types of skin and body. Central Mexico is the production center of Avocado. This fruit contains minerals (magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus) and vitamins (A, B, C, K, and E). Healthy lifestyle keeps your mood perfect and lowers your stress. Mediterranean climate is perfect for Avocado cultivation. Avocado offers you innumerable benefits for health, skin and hair.

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  1. Look in your eyes- Carotenoid lutein in Avocado reduces the danger of cataracts. Eye problem is unbearable with increase in age. Hence, intake of the Avocado fruit helps you stay away from eye diseases.
  2. Fear of breast cancer- Today, many women suffer from breast cancer.  Oleic acid in Avocado reduces the chance of breast cancer.
  3. Fight oral cancer- Avocado fruit is a blessing and save your life from oral cancer danger. This fruit damage the cells of oral cancer and healthy cells remain safe.
  4. Omega-3 for Cholesterol- Avocado is an incredible fruit to lower your cholesterol level. It contains omega-3 and this is good for the body. Medical experts advise intake of Avocado juice and fruit for a healthy life.
  5. Good for heart- Avocado works miracle for a smiling heart. If your heart is fit and healthy, then you are fit for a stronger life. Avocado reduces the heart attack and increases your life span.
  6. Clean and clear skin- Vitamin A in Avocado removes the dead cells of skin. Avocado clears the skin and you receive a glowing skin. An amino acid in Avocado protects your skin from external damage.
  7. Invisible wrinkles- Wrinkle is a common problem with everyone. Too much make-up, stress and low quality cosmetics increase your early wrinkles. Avocado is a fruit, which contains antioxidants. Toxins are washed away with the help of these antioxidants. You can use an Avocado beauty mask and remove unwanted toxins.
  8. Baby Skin- Gone are the days of rough skin. Use of Avocado as oil, beauty mask or simply intake as a fruit makes your skin soft. The skin will become soft as baby’s skin.
  9. Stay away from Sun- Protection from harmful UV rays is a big task. Avocado acts as a natural sunscreen for your skin. The oil from Avocado is great to protect your skin from sun rays.
  10. Attractive Skin- Healthy skin always looks attractive. Are you suffering from dull looking skin? Then, a glass of Avocado juice will never hurt you.
  11. Dry skin- Avocado also works flawlessly on dry skin. This fruit rejuvenates your skin cell and reduce the dryness of the skin.
  12. Damage scalp- Damage scalp is the house of dandruff. Use of hair mask and avocado oil helps you get rid of the dandruff problem.
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When Avocado is there near your hand, you are not far from a healthy body and radiant skin. Healthy skin is always in when you take good care of it. The useful benefits of this fruit will give you miraculous effect and you will smile from your heart and will reflect in your personality.