12 Awesome Places and things in Raipur!


Been born and brought up in Raipur, I have immense love and attachment towards the city, just like other Raipurians.

Raipur may not be alot of things but what it is, is a place as close to seventh heaven for the young and the restless in our country. What raipur offers is a unique recipe made to live life the way one wants to, whether it is to watch a movie at PVR or to enjoy a coffee with a loved one at CCD or to enjoy a silent walk across the so called ‘Marine Drive’! Here are 12 awesome things that make Raipur a wonderful place to be in :

1. Naya Raipur :



Yes, the very beautiful Naya Raipur.

Naya Raipur has been developed as a modern green city with 23% of the land in the city having green cover. The city is landscaped with recreational facilities within, including an international stadium where a few IPL matches are played. The roads are huge and smooth to drive on, and not to forget, it is the photo studio for almost 80% of the youngsters in city 😉

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2. Malls :



For Raipurians, malls are a place where they can escape from their parents, enjoy movies, take selfies, and party at KFC and Dominios!

Malls in Raipur are huge crowd pullers. They attract large number of people not only from the city but also from other districts in the entire state.


3. Marine Drive :



Marine Drive or the Telibandha Talab is the favourite hangout spot for all youngsters and adults in the city.

Its an amazing place to hangout with friends and sip on some hot tea. The view is amazing, it is the most peaceful place for regular evening walks.


4. MM funcity :


Being a Raipurian, how can I simply miss this? Almost all my school picnic memories are attached to it, yours too, isn’t it?

This waterpark may not be as huge as those in Delhi or Mumbai, but certainly, it is one of the best place in Raipur to spend your weekend.


5. Ghatarani Waterfalls :

Ghatarani Waterfalls


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Ghatarani waterfalls is not exactly located in Raipur, but is a few kilometers away from the main city.

It has a very beautiful Ma Durga Temple, named Jatamai. Ghatarani waterfalls is peaceful and also serves as one of the most sought-after picnic spots for the Raipurians.


6. Rajyotsava :


Chhattisgarh Rajyotsava is the best thing ever.

Chhattisgarh celebrates its foundation day every year through this event called Rajyostava. The presence of stars like Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Ayushman Khurana, and  the trade fair cum exhibition along with food courts make Rajyotsava the best thing in Raipur!


7. Budha Talab:

budha talab in night @ raipur live


Who doesn’t enjoys boating at Budha Talab?

A lake with a 37 ft high statue of Swami Vivekananda in between makes it a wonderful place for all Raipurians.


8. Nandan Van: 



Nandanvan garden, located on the banks of the Khaaroon River, houses a mini zoo with animals such as lions, tigers, panthers and deers. Raipurains can always visit it with family but should avoid visiting it late in the evenings.


9. Hotels :

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Too many luxury hotels in Raipur, not only provide accomdation to outsiders, but also enables Raipurians organize their wedding parties, school and college farewell and freshers parties, pool parties and kitty parties here!


10. Nimora :


Nimora, a village in Raipur district is full of bastar art, one can find statues of tribal people, women, etc here.

It is one of the most sought-out picnic spots.


11. The recently opened ‘Wonderland Park’ :



The recently opened ‘Recreational Park’ is what you have been looking for! It is equipped with recreational facilities ranging from enjoyable rides to a superb water park.


12. Parks :

downloadUrja Parkgandhi-udyan-park-raipurgandhi-udyan-park


Ranging from Urja Park to Gandhi Udhyan, Raipur is blessed with beautiful parks.


And these things make Raipur even more beautiful and Raipurians even more proud!