11 types of students in a school classroom


1. The topper

This student knows everything. He/she would be the toughest competition to all the people in class. He/she is the one who would top without you even noticing his time of study. They would study secretly and top the class. They may bunk and hang out with you but in the end they would still be the toppers and you keep wondering how that happened.

2. The teacher’s assistant

blackboard erasing
This student is always found helping teachers. He/she would write notes for teachers, manage the attendance register and even handle the teacher’s locker. He/she is always ready to help the teacher. Erasing the blackboard is his/her favorite chore. They might not ever help their mom but they are always there for the teachers.

3. The comedian

This student is the one responsible to make the whole class laugh. He/she may tell jokes or give hilarious answers to the teachers. They would never feel embarrassed to tell their funny life incidents. He/she would always say the right joke at the right time.

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4. The Fashionista

She is the hottest girl in the class. She may get less grades but she is always on the top when it comes to dressing sense and makeup. She is the one who wears the best brands. She doesn’t care about the event; all she knows is that she needs to get dressed. She may not know a lot of mathematics but ratio of different colors on her nails is always perfect.

5. The backbenchers

The most mischievous lot of the class lies in this category. They have fixed seats in the classroom. They would never sit in front. The last bench is their favorite spot. They would never pay attention in the class. They live in their own world.

6. The singer

Shaheer Sheikh as Vir in Kya Mast Hai Life
Shaheer Sheikh as Vir in Kya Mast Hai Life

He/she is the one who entertains the class with his/her voice. He/she may know guitar. This student is the one who participates in all the competitions and brings laurels to the class. He/she is famous in the school.

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7. The not-so innocent

There is always a student in the classroom, who never gets caught doing things. He/she is the one who has that image of a very innocent kid but only his/her friends know the reality. A teacher would never suspect him/her for anything gone wrong.

8. The monitor

He is the one who is considered to be the class leader but secretly is hated by all. He tells the teachers about every mischievousness in class. He is the one responsible for punishments.

9. The I am hungry student

There is always a person in the class who keeps eating the whole time. He has a lot of food stock in his school bag. He would always eat from your lunch even after he has had his lunch already. He is always up for a treat if you are paying.

10. The chatter boxes

There is a group of people who are busy in themselves. They would keep talking and discussing their own things. They are responsible for the hassle bustle in the class.

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11. The Out-Standing student.

Outstanding doesn’t mean brilliant in this case instead it means he is the one who is always standing out of the class. He seems to enjoy standing outside the class. He is always punished for small mistakes. He is the naughtiest guy in the class who always gets caught.