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11 things that make us love Jamia even more.




Well YES!

This is something I can proudly say because I myself am a student of Jamia Millia Islamia and I really do love my college because I have had some of the best and most amazing memories over here.

Studying in Jamia not only gives you a lot of exposure, exposure to the outside world, it gives you a platform to interact with people across the country, know their culture, language, etc.

Jamia equates harmony, opportunity, beauty. Want to know why? Here is a list:


1. The very beautiful campus :

Whether it’s main campus, engineering department campus, the fine arts campus, the law faculty campus, or the hostel campuses you’re assured of one thing, these campuses will not only be HUGE, but also BEAUTIFUL. The campus can make anyone fall in love with it.

Lush green gardens, beautiful historical buildings, the very beautiful Jama Masjid, the huge libraries, well built hostels for both boys and girls, the Ansari Health center and a definite and huge sports complex define the beauty of Jamia.


2. The cheapest, greasiest and the yummy-ist food:

You get to discover some of the most amazing food joints or addas once you are in Jamia.

Be it the 5/- lemon tea, 25/- Biryani, 50/- Chicken Chilly with rotis, 35/- Chicken Thali, 25/- momos or 10/- aloo ke paranthas, Jamia promises one of the cheapest food on and off campus, from the Dastarkhwan Maggi Point, Central, engineering, hygenic canteens to students’ most desired, Domino’s, Mcdonalds, Shree Ratnam, Big belly, not to forget, FKC and Chaska. The food can be totally unhealthy but it won’t be heavy on your pockets. And it will be the best you ever had!


3. The Fests :

The fest season is definetly the best season in Jamia. The vibe of the entire university is at a complete different level. There’s nothing that can beat fests. It’s not just about competitions here, it’s about a mandatory treasure hunt, amazing overpriced food and concerts which will make your night.

Apart from MIRAAS, Jamia features one of the best fests in Delhi like Ecocracy (economics department), Tangle-o-town (engineering faculty), Fikr-o-fun (political science department), Techn’othon (computer science department), etc.


4. The Social Work :

If you really want to do some social work, work for the betterment of society, bring about a change and be the change, then Jamia has a lot to offer. Jamia has a very active NCC and NSS to bring a change their way.


5. The Faculty : 

Jamia is blessed with 9 faculties (faculty of engineering, architecture and fine arts being the best) under which it offers its academic and extension programs. Besides the faculties, there are two centers of learning and research, notable among these is the MA offered in Mass communication offered by AJK Mass Communication and Research center (ranked one of the Asia’s best) Others include FTK, Center for Spanish and Latin American studies, Nelson Mandela Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, etc. Jamia also imparts education from Nursery to Senior Secondary level.

Jamia has produced people like Shahrukh Khan, Virendra Sehwag, Barkha Dutt, Kiran Rao, Javed Akhtar, Kabir Khan, and this makes every Jamian proudly say that yes, I am from Jamia!



6. The Talimi Mela :

Traditionally, this is the occassio for the entire Jamia biradari to congregate and celebrate together its foundation day. Talimi Mela in Jamia has been an age old tradition to bring the local community and the university community together. These Melas have been helpful in bringing together people and univeristy in a meaningful way as there is a week long celebration for the foundation day, including convocation ceremonies. Variety of Programmes such various plays, competitions, baitbaazis, exhibitions make Talimi Mela even more alluring.


7. The Nukkad Nataks :

Nukkad Nataks have always been an important part of Jamia, no matter if its performed in the Central Canteen, in Ansari Auditorium lawns or in Safdar Hashmi Amphitheatre. These nukkad nataks not only create awareness but also provide an opportunity to Jamians to show their acting skills.


8. The Sports Complex :

The Sports Complex in Jamia is the one of the best things here. The complex is equipped with all the required facilities. The excellent gym, the football and basketball grounds, the badminton and table tennis courts and the seemingly endless cricket ground are amazingly awesome.


9. The Libraries and The Reading Halls :

Both the Zakir Husain Library and the Old library are huge and offer unlimited books and journals to read. There are rounds at the reading halls to sit and study peacefully, and to sit in an air-conditioned area for a while. Reading halls are full with Jamians during semester exams and you can find students sitting on the floor and studying, P.S. – This happens only in Jamia 😛


10. The Hostels : 

Jamia provides super good hostels for both boys and girls. The Hostels not only provide relief to the parents of outstation students but are also super fun for those who reside here. You may not really like the food here, but you will certainly find your ‘soul sisters’ and ‘brothers from another mother’ here.


And last, but not the least

11. The evenings under ‘Ghalib Uncle’ with friends and cups of hot elachi chai :

Almost all the Jamians from main campus can relate to it. You can spend hours here just gazing at the vast endless sky above you. Evenings spent under Ghalib with friends are the best kind of evenings you will ever spend, trust me when I say this!






    • Well, I kinda like the food there, and yes fests are super fun, can’t change anybody’s opinion though!
      Thanks for reading my article Means alot to me, and yes, your suggestions are welcome

  1. Sana, It’s pleasure going thru your write ups. Wish you all the best as a budding writer.
    Just one correction, you study in the Department/Faculty and not in the college as mention in the first para. Jamia has no colleges.
    Good luck and best of stay in Jamia.


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