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11 Things girls who sleep late get to hear in college


If you are one of those girls who sleep late you must be very irritated with people commenting on your missing the first class, eating late night, sleeping habits etc etc. We at TopCount bring you the 11 things girls who sleep late get to hear. (.Gif  image source Giphy.com)

1. ” Jaldi so jaaya kro, dark circles ho jayeenge”

Tum itta bola mat kro.  Ladai ho jayegi.






2. “I knew you had a boyfriend”

That’s so sweet of you. But I don’t!

3. ” Are you a porn addict?”

Didn’t you ask that 15 times already?

4. “You must be a porn addict.”‘

5. ” Your boyfriend must be a happy guy”

Uggh. Awkward. Awkward. Stupid. Stupid. Remark. Remark.


6. ” Tu soyi nhi? (That guy who has always been a flirt will start his conversation this way)?”

No, I was waiting for your stupid text.

7. ” I was going to pee and saw your lights are still on. Everything okay?”

Yes. I was experiencing perfect solitude until I had to come out of my cozy bed to answer the door.

8. “Do you seriously take shower at 3 am and then go sleep again?”

Yes, I do. You should give it a try too.

9. “Tu din me kyun nhi padhti? Raat ko hi sb yaad aata hai?”

Because I have to sleep at some point of time! And it’s my life I do what I feel like.

10. ” How can you be so hungry at 4 in the morning?”

How can you be so eager to find out what I do and what I don’t?

11. ” You again missed the first class?”

Yes I did. Now stop taunting me.



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